Longmire Season 3 Review “Of Children and Travelers”

Longmire Season 3 Episode 2 Of Children and Travelers 3

I’m not typically a big police procedural fan, but I do enjoy it when Longmire follows that script. This week, Vic discovers (somehow) the body of a young Russian girl under a bridge. We see her in the beginning of the episode hitchhiking, and from there you could have predicted she would have been raped and murdered by one of the guys who picked her up. Fortunately, we get a less conventional story – which is maybe why this episode defies my police procedural aversion. The victim, Polina, is an orphan who has been through a lot and was killed for trying to protect her foster sister.

The basic premise of the episode is truly tragic; children who are brought to the US find that their adoptive parents don’t have the patience to overcome the children’s behavioral issues. Their solution is to go into internet chat groups and hand their children to random strangers who are willing to take them in. It’s a strange and shady child trafficking that is heartbreaking to imagine actually exists. To unravel the mystery of what happened to Polina, Walt and Vic pretty much ignore the concept of jurisdiction and head out of state to interrogate the girl’s parents.

This road trip sets the stage for more uncomfortable Walt and Vic tension. I’m very afraid that we are heading in the direction of the two hooking up. I had to fast forward through their awkward stares because it was just too creepy. I’ve already heard from some readers that they will stop watching if Vic and Walt get together. I don’t know if I’ll go that far, but I think I will keep my finger on the fast forward button.

Henry’s story is starting to get more interesting. We see that he’s really screwed now that he’s in jail. Everything there is controlled by Walt’s nemesis – Malachi, who wants to use Henry as leverage with Walt. If Walt agrees to testify at Malachi’s parole hearing, Henry may be able to get some relief from the constant beatings. The best part of this story is that Cady is stepping in to handle Henry’s defense. She’s got her work cut out for her since he is being charged with murder, but I would think she’d be at least be able to get him into solitary for his protection.

Meanwhile, Branch is still obsessed with figuring out what happened to him. This is probably a good thing because it keeps him busy. Branch has been seriously humbled and he’s lucky that Walt isn’t the type to punish him. The two seem to have a détente that should be helpful in keeping the peace. I like that while this is all going on, Ferg is the one doing the police work. There’s something about his character that is really likable. I appreciate that they don’t make him into some sort of bumbling fool.

There were some other good moments that show this group is more like a family. Walt and the team step in at the Red Pony to help while Henry is a way. Walt is surprisingly good at tending bar and may want to consider that as an option when he retires from the force. I also like that Walt isn’t letting anyone baby Branch.

The ending was satisfying as Walt rescued Polina’s poor foster sister and got the killer in custody. I appreciated that they kept the crime at issue interesting without being unnecessarily lurid.

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