Chasing Life Season 1 Review Pilot

Chasing Life Series Premiere Pilot (11)

Chasing Life debuted in its World Premiere on ABC Family on Tuesday night, June 10. Like most pilots, the series showcased some serious potential – given it has stamina – flowing without getting stuck in a moment too long, while giving a seamless run down of the main characters and how they fit into the soon to be very complicated world of Bostonian reporter April Carver, played by Italia Ricci.

At just 24, April finds out from her estranged Uncle George (played by ‘Wings’ star Steven Weber) that she has leukemia while chasing down on a story on a professional baseball player. Ricci’s reaction to the news is realistic and believable. It’s a story line everyone can connect to. She’s determined to get noticed at The Boston Post and shrugs off the news that she needs medical care right away. On a side note – the paper where she works is unbelievably unrealistic, but it seems to give the show the adult flare it needs.

Meanwhile, her troubled sister Brenna is trying to numb herself with a bottle of tequila. Brenna is the perfect contrast to April. She’s rebellious, lives in the moment and she’s angry. Will she be a helpful influence on April, who needs total control especially after enduring what seems to be a rough couple of years with her mother, Sara, due to the death of her husband.

Most of the episode we wait to see who April will tell the news to first, but she never really does, with the exception of her dead father. A father her Uncle George did say had secrets. What a way to find out you may have a sister! The only downfall of the episode was the absence of ‘Greek’s Scott Michael Foster, who looks to be appearing in next week’s episode.

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