Continuum Season 3 Review “3 Minutes to Midnight”


Having completely gutted its main concept in this week’s episode, ‘3 Minutes to Midnight’, where the heck can Continuum go from here? Liber8 have disbanded, dealing the knowledge that, though they’ve achieved what they came back for and succeeded in changing the future, the world has still gone to hell. The future they imagined isn’t the idyllic paradise they may have imagined and, with Brad revealed to be from the alternate timeline they, Kiera and the Alec’s have created over the last three seasons, they now know for sure that, as Travis so eloquently put it, they’re “mission concept is flawed.”

This was a huge episode for the show, and pretty much all of the characters, in that it shone light on the misconceptions of almost all of the characters. Liber8 have always operated very much in the grey, doing the wrong thing for what they believed were the right reasons, but now they have to deal with the fact they they’ve been small fish in a very large pond all of this time. It’s slowly become apparent to the audience how many players there are in this game, what with Theseus, Alec, Kellogg and the freelancers all with their own agendas, but now the characters know it too.

Another revelation came with the slow redemption of Julian, who looked a lot like the hero to Alec’s villain this week. Maybe I’ve had it wrong all this time and Carlos hasn’t been in danger of being led astray by Theseus all along – maybe there a chance that Julian could switch allegiances and become one of the heroes in the end? I could be way off, of course, but his reaction to Alec’s glitchy (spookily similar to Apple’s new HealthKit app) Halo project paints a very different picture of their relationship than we’ve seen before. Next week we’ll see Kiera try to swap the Alec’s, so maybe this clash could be short-lived.

The final scenes of this episode were huge in terms of the bigger picture, and something I would have expected to be included in the finale. Instead, we have a few more weeks to see what might happen to these characters when their main reason for being is taken away – will they find a new cause, becoming more dangerous than ever, or will they simply go their separate ways and attempt to survive outside of their own time and place. It’s a nifty idea, one that I feel like this season of the show desperately needed, and just seeing Travis, Sonya and the rest of Liber8 try to deal with the new status quo is going to very interesting.

What did you think of the episode? Will Kiera be able to change her find about the two Alec’s next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.