24: Live Another Day Review “5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.”

24: Live Another Day Episode 4 Day 9: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM (4)

Seasons of 24 rely on a narrative structure that constantly is ramping up the tension. Very little that occurs during the course of a season is a surprise. Rather, it’s about the impending doom that hangs over the world, and Jack Bauer’s actions to stop said impending doom. There are close calls, moles, and red herrings along the way, but the show just continues to press down on the tension until Jack finally finishes the job. That method of story construction has led to some ridiculous stunts along the way, but it also makes 24: Live Another Day a really compelling series to take in.

Tonight’s episode also brought the general public in on the impending terrorist threat for the first time. Stephen Fry’s address to the nation seemed somber enough, but then Catelyn Stark Margot al-Harazi decided to start tossing missiles into London hospitals and traffic. I take issue with al-Harazi turning into a raving lunatic after watching her cold, calculating moves get us to this point, but the narrative thrust her actions propel will be interesting to watch going forward. The threat has become real for Londoners. With widespread panic spreading through the city, it’s going to create difficult terrain for Jack to navigate through. It’s nothing the show hasn’t done before, but if 24 can display the appropriate amount of panic in the common people of London, it will make for an interesting close to the miniseries.

Of course, the show couldn’t let another hour go by without giving us another total heel turn. This week, Aidan Cross joins Steve Navarro in the Secretly A Bad Guy Club. It’s probably easy to imagine him as the voice on the other end of Navarro’s line, but the decision to turn him heel does make Chloe a much bigger player going forward. For the last few episodes, she’s been mostly sidelined waiting to give Jack tech support. Now she’s going to get thrust into the larger game that’s unspooling before our eyes. Chloe has always done well when she becomes a larger part of the action. With the CIA and her organization both infiltrated by moles, she’s going to have a lot on her hands as she attempts to aid Jack.

Jack and Kate’s tag team continued this week in some scaled down action. The episode lacked the full force action sequences where Jack and Kate got to strut their stuff, but they worked well together again this week, with Yvonne Strahovski holding her own with the giant flame of intensity that is Kiefer Sutherland. Kate Morgan is a worthy partner to Jack. The two of them together leave me feeling like I’m in good hands.

Another person doing really good work recently is William Devane as President Heller. He’s been absolutely terrific. He carries the correct amount of gravitas in any given scene, and his power play starting with al-Harazi was really cool looking. He definitely looks like a gentleman with a plan, and it seems like only Jack Bauer can help him see it through. Besides, when there’s missiles falling onto the expressway, there’s only one guy to call.