TV Buzz: ‘Sharknado 2’ Flies Into Action, FX Teases ‘Married’ and More

The television landscape is a fascinating place to venture through, as Thursday’s (slightly belated) TV Buzz will attest. We hop from the gritty streets of San Francisco in Murder in the First teasers to the insanity of Sharknado 2 and the humanity of FX’s comedy Married while taking a detour to Adventure Time‘s favorite alternate universe. It is a dizzying array of TV goodness, and you can sample it all below.

‘Sharknado 2’ Teaser Now With More Sharks and Stilted Dialogue

Yes, Syfy is shamelessly capitalizing on the unprecedented success they found in a movie that combined sharks and tornadoes, and we should not encourage them lest they make 50 of these suckers and drain all of the fun out of the original. On the other hand, Ian Ziering is wielding a chainsaw and very seriously proclaiming, “It’s happening again.” Because shark tornadoes are now a thing we have to be constantly vigilant about.

Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres Wednesday, July 30 at 9/8c on Syfy.

Fionna and Cake Return to ‘Adventure Time’

How cool is it that Adventure Time regularly does gender flipped episodes? Fionna and Cake are returning for a third episode of gender swapped ingenuity and this time we will also get to see Lumpy Space Princess as a boy. These alternate universe episodes have proven to be immensely popular with fans, and “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” should continue the trend. Check out two pictures from the episode in the gallery.

“The Prince Who Wanted Everything” airs Thursday, June 26 at 7:00pm on Cartoon Network.

Prepare to Get ‘Married’ to FX’s New Comedy

Nat Faxon has been off of our TV screens for far too long. Faxon and the crazy talented Judy Greer will be starring as a married couple in FX’s aptly titled Married this summer. The trailer for the series previews the unique brand of dysfunction that can only grow out of a longstanding relationship and exploits it for quality laughs.

Married premieres Thursday, July 17th at 10pm on FX.

Syfy Previews Creepy New Film ‘ISA’

On the flip side of Sharknado 2, Syfy has a dense original film on the horizon called ISA. The film follows the journey of a young girl who discovers her entire life has been a lie and she is actually part of a dream harvesting ring. The spooky cool concept pairs nicely with the trailer which leaves the viewer feeling uneasy. Watch it above. Would you like to see Syfy make more films like ISA?

ISA premieres Wednesday, June 11th at 11:30pm on Syfy. The film will roll out across multiple platforms throughout the summer including Chiller, Mun2 and Telemundo.

‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2: Shelley Lives

Madeleine Martin (Californication) is joining the cast of Hemlock Grove season two as Shelley, the seven foot tall demonic sister of Roman. Yes, Shelley is alive! Fans can rejoice at the news and bask in the first photo of the sweet character, whose size and visage give her a lot of unwanted attention.

Hemlock Grove season two premieres Friday, July 11th on Netflix.

‘Murder in the First’: Meet Hildy and Erich

Murder in the First looks like it has the potential to be one of the summer’s best new dramas. In two new introduction videos, actors Kathleen Robertson and Tom Felton discuss their characters Hildy, a San Francisco Homicide Detective, and Erich, a tech guru under suspicion of murder. Both actors reveal fleshed out versions of their characters that were not on display in the full-length trailer which focused primaraily on Taye Diggs’ intense detective.

Murder in the First premieres Monday, June 9th at 10PM on TNT.


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