Exclusive ‘The 100’ (The CW) Interview: Lindsey Morgan Teases the Finale, Talks Love Triangles and More

Lindsey Morgan’s (General Hospital, How I Met Your Mother) Raven crash landed on Earth and right in the middle of a love triangle on The CW’s brutal and entertaining sci-fi series The 100. However, Raven has never been “the other woman” thanks to her smarts (she is the youngest engineer on the Ark in fifty years) and Morgan’s talent for bringing out her characters’ humanity and longing for somewhere to fit in. With The 100 set to wrap up its freshman season soon, TV Equals chatted with Morgan about the evolution of Raven, spending so much time in the great outdoors for filming and much more.

An all-new episode of The 100 airs tonight, Wednesday, June 4th at 9/8c on The CW.

TV Equals: What can you tell us about the finale?

Lindsey Morgan: I can’t tell you that much because I just saw the screening of it and oh my gosh, it was so good, I don’t want to ruin anything. One: it is epic. It literally feels like you are watching a movie. I was like, “Am I watching Lord of the Rings here or Game of Thrones?” This is insane. It’s beautiful and so cinematic, which is awesome.

Two: it blows the entire season out of the water. If you thought the season was good the finale is just going to blow up your brain basically.

Number three: as far as plot goes, I feel like in the finale we see every character fighting for their survival. Tthe whole season they have been fighting for their survival, but especially in the finale. Everyone is fighting and dealing with their own journey of survival in their own way. Maybe physically, and maybe battling others, or the elements or each other, or themselves, but everyone is dealing with how am I going to make it through today, alive?

TV Equals: The 100 was one of this season’s biggest surprises. It is so gritty and so dark. Have you ever received a script and just went, “OMG, I can’t believe they are actually going this far?”

Lindsey Morgan: Oh yeah. The torturing Lincoln script…well no, before when they hung Murphy. I was like you hung a kid on TV, you can’t—so, yeah, that was one. Then when they tortured Lincoln, and then every script after that.

TV Equals: What do you think is Raven’s greatest strength and her greatest weakness?

Lindsey Morgan: I think her greatest strength would be her mind. She is so ambitious and so smart and really brilliant. She can just think of something to make out of anything, which is so amazing. She’s really resourceful.

Her greatest strength is her mind and her biggest weakness is her heart. They battle a lot. I think her heart because of Finn and also other people. A great example was in the last episode her interaction with Monty. She was cold and cutthroat. She was just like, I need the radio, I need the radio to make these walkie talkies and there’s poor Monty who is like, “you’re basically saying my entire family is gone,” and Raven is like, “yeah, sorry,” and it wasn’t until later she realized her mistake and how awful that was.

She thinks she is the smartest girl in the room and in some ways she is, but in some ways she is really dumb when it comes to her heart. I feel like she has a lot of growth to continue in her heart and learning to love this new family of the hundred and realizing they do like her and they do want her around. That is something she has never had before, except with Finn. She may be going through heartbreak, but she is also finding that there are other people on Earth who care about her.

TV Equals: How do you feel about the Raven/Finn/Clarke triangle?

Lindsey Morgan: Well, when I first joined the show that is what I was told was my function. I’m the girlfriend after these two and the surprise. At first, I was kind of like, “Whatever, it is going to be the same”. We did that in the soap all the time– are they or aren’t they? — it’s not something I was opposed to, I’m used to it.At the same time, I didn’t find it anything original.

Then when they started making this love triangle less contrived and less catty, I really liked it. This was a much more evolved way and a much more complicated one. At the same time, we’re on this alien planet and we’re fighting for our lives, so we don’t have all the time in the world to care about who is sleeping with who. I like that the show is focusing on Raven and how she is going to make it through another day with a broken heart, instead of today my heart is broken, and what do I do? The triangle is a lot more complicated than other ones.

TV Equals: What are the challenges or advantages of shooting in a natural setting?

Lindsey Morgan: That’s funny because a lot of people do ask me about what is the biggest difference between the soaps and The 100 and I always tell them the elements. For the most part, I’ve always been in studios. You get in your car, drive somewhere, go inside and the temperature is controlled. It is very comfortable.

With The 100, we are outside for the most of it. We are in Vancouver, Canada where it snows and it gets freezing. The time I was on the bridge with the bomb, I got a little bit of frostbite in my fingers because I was lying in the snow for so long. The elements can be tough. There are some days we are outside in the cold and I may not have that many lines to say, but at the end of the day my body is exhausted. Your body is almost working double time to keep you warm. The elements are difficult.

I remember the first day I was down, episode four, it rained the entire day. In between takes we would have to have hair and makeup run our hair under the hairdryers because we were soaked. And we all have that one costume. Mine originally started out as a sports bra, a little cover shirt, jeans and the little, baby jacket. As the season has gone along we have had to do everything we can to insulate it because it gets below freezing. Nothing on set is green screen; all of the nature is real. The benefit is there are barely any set dressings, the forest is so perfect and it is breathtaking.

TV Equals: I really want to see Raven make it through to season two. I know you can’t reveal whether she will or not, but hypothetically, what would be your dream Raven storyline?

Lindsey Morgan: I want Raven to like take over the Grounders or something and be like a Grounder queen. Boot out Anya—I don’t know; I just really want to ride a horse.

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