In the Flesh Series 2 Episode 5 Review

In the Flesh Season 2 Episode 1 (4)

Even if next week’s finale of In the Flesh turns out to be terrible, this fifth instalment in the second series pretty much justifies the extended episode order all by itself. Packed full of everything that makes this show so special in the first place, episode five gives us backstory, character development, plenty of near-deaths and a great lead-in to next week’s final episode.

Maxine might be the designated villain of series two, but the best new addition by far has been Simon, who this week finally gets a storyline of his own, albeit in flashback. Sometimes this approach can backfire for shows but here, with the reveal of his importance to the public PDS approach and subsequent rejection from his family nicely paralleling with Kieron’s own journey, it works brilliantly.

All of this excuses the fact that the pair don’t actually interact during the hour, which would otherwise have been frustrating this close to the end. The focus is much more on how outsiders respond to their plight, especially since Kieron’s little outburst at the table last week couple with his newfound sense of defiance has made sure even his father has grown skittish of having a PDS sufferer in the house.

Both arrested for their supposed part in a break-in to the GP’s, the townsfolk had their pitchforks out in force this week, making sure that the town’s remaining ‘rotters’ are more likely than ever to stage an uprising. But then there’s Simon’s mission to kill the first risen which, though it’s something he’s clearly struggling with (young, undead love, eh?), I can’t imagine he’ll actually dismiss it.

Amy’s discovery that her random nosebleeds and shakes are related to her possibly becoming more human, rather than more dead, provide the cliffhanger, and what a brilliant tease that is. Could there be a cure for PDS, or a time-limit once the dead have risen? Do we have any real proof that Kieron was the first to rise in the first place, and that the prophet isn’t just a figment of Simon’s damaged psyche?

What did you think of the episode? Could Amy be the key to a real cure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below