Awkward Season 4 Review “Prison Breaks”


After last week’s truth-bomb from Matty on Awkward, Jenna might finally have learnt to let go and move on, as shown in this episode, ‘Prison Breaks’. That’s always been her problem, especially with Matty, but might she finally have grown up and realised that, without putting a full stop on your past with someone, it’s near impossible to begin a future with someone else. And, if that’s really the case and she’s moved on with Luke, then does this mean the end of the show’s central romance?

I doubt it, but at the same time I wonder how the two of them can come back from this. High school shows don’t survive well without all members of the main cast paired off with each other, with newcomers more often than not completely temporary and designed as obstacles more than characters in themselves. Eva isn’t going to win any popularity contests with fans and, while Luke might be nice enough and perfect for Jenna in ways that Matty never could be, it seems unlikely that he’ll stick around.

Tamara, on the other hand, has always been more watchable when she’s single, someone to make different mistakes to our protagonist just because she has the freedom to try more crazy things. Now that her and Jake are done, the show can push her into fun storylines like this week’s heteroflexible hookup and have it not matter too much in the grand scheme of things. It makes me hope the show doesn’t stage a last-minute reunion for Jakara, since it’s way more fun to send her to college boyfriend-less.

Matty finally got his own reality check this week, which is pretty welcome even if most of what he says is more humble and intuitive than the rest of his friends put together, and a brief stint in prison was just what he needed to get his head straight. Yes, he may have been adopted, but that doesn’t mean he’s got it bad and, with Jenna finally practicing what he’s always preached and leaving him to get on with his life, Matty has the world at his feet. That relationship with Eva isn’t going to do him any favours, though, and is the last destructive thing that needs to be squashed.

What did you think of the episode? Is Tamara’s hookup a one time thing or a sign of something more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.