Continuum Season 3 Review “Revolutions Per Minute”

Continuum Season 2

All through this third season of Continuum, Alec has been crossing lines in order to meet his destiny. Where is was reluctance and humility that characterised him before, the Alec we’re dealing with now is just as ruthless and ambitious as Kiera feared he would be. Does that mean that swapping this guy for the Alec currently locked up with the Freelancers would solve the problem and halt Halo in it’s tracks? Probably not, but that still feels like the preferable option right now.

For the biggest betrayal of all came last week with the theft of Kiera’s body and removal of her CMR chip, something that doesn’t escape the attention of the present-day Kiera. The extra tech yields the results he wanted, sure, but preying on Carlos’ guilt just so he could get rid of the evidence was pretty reprehensible. Giving her a burial in time might have been beautiful and moving in any other circumstances, but here it’s just more evidence to support the fact that Kiera chose the wrong friend to keep around. Poor Carlos remains the clueless bystander in all of this.

The big Liber8 plot of the episode concerned the group targeting the health organisation who will go on to invent Flash. Despite them being a minor company in present day, we all know that the underdog in any industry ca quickly take the lead after one significant discovery, and as usual we see Kellogg taking advantage of the situation. I have to say that it’s lovely to see Kellogg again in any context, as he’s a character far too underused on this show. Only popping up every few weeks or so, and even then just to cackle and be mildly charming, I wish we’d see as much of him as we did in the early days.

The John Doe plot also took a turn this week, with Kiera taking the chance of the Freelancers finding him just to get to the truth. I guess my theory that he is actually Kiera’s son is pretty much dead now that he’s met her with all of his memories intact, but the fact that he seems to be from a time even after Kiera’s experiences in very interesting indeed. What happens after Kiera and Liber8 travelled back in time, and how have they changed things since? Those are questions that, for all the show’s timey-wimey stuff, haven’t really been delved into too much.

What did you think of the episode? Can this version of Alec ever be redeemed? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.