Orphan Black Season 2 Review “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motions of Things”

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 7 Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things (5)
Well, damn. I certainly didn’t see that coming. Orphan Black hit the gas pedal this week when poor, hapless Donnie put a bullet in Dr. Leekie’s head. As Mrs. S has said, Dyad is a hydra so taking off one head definitely won’t fell the beast. But, it will be interesting to see how the clones will fare without the scientist puppet master.

This week’s episode hit all the boxes for what makes this show entertaining. We start with Alison opening up to Vic about Aynsley’s death, which was a really bad decision. I love Alison and could easily watch a show entirely about her. It is hilarious when she gives Vic a pair of gloves that are missing a finger. When Alison finally figures out what Vic is up to, she calls in Felix to help her out. In the process, she delivers one of my favorite lines of the season, “I can’t go to jail, Felix. I don’t have the temperament. In the shower, if they touch me, I will cut them.”

Things don’t go according to plan once Felix and Sarah get involved. Felix overdoes it on the sedatives in Vic’s tea, and Vic face plants into a table full of glitter and feathers. While Alison and Felix try to hide Vic, Sarah gets stuck having to play Alison at family day. It’s always fantastic when Sarah takes on her clone’s persona.

The upside of the disaster of a day is that Donnie and Alison finally have a heart to heart. She busts him on being her monitor and learns that he’s just a clueless pawn of Leekie’s. Poor Donnie. The look on his face when he learns that Alison is a clone and that Leekie has been doing experiments on her – it’s heartbreaking. What I really liked about this scene is that I always thought it was sad that someone who Alison had been with for so long could have been with her only “on assignment.” This showed that Donnie really does love Alison and didn’t realize the extent of what he was doing. I hope that Alison is able to forgive him.

Cosima has her own relationship problems to deal with. She discovers that Delphine used Kira’s stem cells on her during one of the creepiest trips to the gyno ever. All I’m saying is that when your feet are up in stirrups, it’s probably the last time you want someone kissing you. Cosima’s discovery that Kira’s stem cells may be the only thing that can save her puts her in a difficult spot. She eventually calls Sarah and tells her. When Sarah finds this out, she seriously considers taking Kira to Dyad. This is a huge moment. Sarah is so connected to Cosima that she is willing to risk the difficulties inherent in involving Kira. The bond between Sarah and Cosima is touching and I hope that Cosima doesn’t die from her illness. That would devastate Sarah and send her on the warpath.

As for Sarah, she spent most of the episode running around between the different characters, as usual. She teams up with Mrs. S to get Duncan and Rachel in the same room. Rachel learns that Leekie killed her mother and almost killed Duncan. Rachel is attached to Leekie, though, and disobeys an order to have him killed. It’s unclear whether Rachel now has a bigger endgame and it’s also unclear where her loyalties now lie. I would like to see her come into the clone fold and work with her sisters.

The big development is the appearance of Dyad boss Marin Bowles. Perennial bad girl Michelle Forbes steps into the role and oozes danger and evilness. It was a good decision to bring her in and put an end to Leekie. She will definitely ramp up the danger for the clones.

I think the show next season needs to work on pacing. The last two episode have been great at moving the story forward, while the beginning of the season languished. Last season had a similar problem. If they can fix this issue, Orphan Black will be close to perfect.

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