TV Buzz: Hulu Gets ‘Spooked,’ Netflix Lets Us Pay an Early Visit to ‘Hemlock Grove’ and More

I hope everyone has recovered from the long weekend because it is time for another TV Buzz and there is plenty to get excited about this Tuesday. We have a trailer for the hilarious looking Spooked, a first look at Hemlock Grove, the full length trailer for Rectify season two and more. And you thought TV was slowing down…it never sleeps, guys.

First Look Images From ‘Hemlock Grove’ Season 2

Hemlock Grove Season 2 (1)

If you are feeling all torn up over True Blood‘s upcoming end, then I suggest you try giving Hemlock Grove a shot. The first two images from season two of this small town horror fest do not look like much– we have Roman, Peter, Destiny and new character Miranda gather around a bathtub looking nervous and Olivia chilling in an observatory room –but do not let the tranquility mislead you, Hemlock Grove is all kinds of scary (and sexy).

All 10 episodes of season two will premiere Friday, July 11th exclusively on Netflix.

‘Switched at Birth’ Season 3 Teaser: Emmett and Bay Face Their Future

Holy teen pregnancy, Batman, is Bay pregnant?

ABC Family would not casually drop that bombshell into a teaser would they? Perhaps, it is just a scare. Either way, the latest teaser is packed with Emmett and Bay adorableness. Maybe those two crazy kids can actually stick it out this time…but hopefully there will not be a baby onboard too.

Switched at Birth season three premieres Monday, June 16th at 8/9c on ABC Family.

Hulu Teases New Series ‘Spooked’ From Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry

My favorite episodes of Supernatural are the comedic ones so Hulu’s latest series Spooked, from executive producer Bryan Singer (X-Men Days of Future Past) and Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry, looks like the perfect series to me. Not only does the trailer feature the cheapest paranormal investigators money can buy, it also has Whedonverse alums like Tom Lenk and Dichen Lachman, possible alien encounters, overly literal tarot card readings and an extremely expressive ghost. After you watch the trailer, check out photos from the series in the gallery below.

Spooked premieres on Hulu and YouTube on Wednesday, June 4th 10am PT/1pm ET. New episodes will air each Wednesday for four weeks.

Annie Meets Her New Partner in ‘Covert Affairs’ Tease

Annie has a new partner in the latest Covert Affairs teaser for season five, and she is not happy about it. With the easy on the eyes and quick with a quip Nicholas Bishop (Body of Proof) in the role, it is hard to be on Annie’s side this time. The new guy is pretty darn endearing as he asks to borrow Annie’s towel as he hauls around an unconscious (or possibly dead) guy. Are you cool with Annie getting a partner?

Covert Affairs season five premieres June 24th at 10/9c on USA.

SundanceTV Unleashes Mesmerizing ‘Rectify’ Season 2 Trailer

“You can’t get so angry, it will consume you.”

Rectify is one of the most contemplative series on television and it is also one of the best. In the full length season two trailer, SundanceTV reveals pieces of the next chapter of Daniel’s story. After spending last season grappling with his return to the real world after two decades of imprisonment, Daniel is getting on with the messy, sometimes dangerous business of living. The trailer previews another riveting season of must watch TV. Check it out above.

Rectify season two premieres Thursday, June 19 on SundanceTV.


We covered a wide range of shows this time around from the delightfully silly Spooked to the serious and contemplative Rectify. Are any of these shows on your summer must watch list?

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