24: Live Another Day Review “3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.”

24: Live Another Day Episode 5 Day 9: 3:00 PM- 4:00 PM (3)

There comes a time in most seasons of 24 where Jack Bauer gets sidelined for one reason or another. He might be getting laid. He may be captured. Or he could be tied in parliamentary procedure. This week happened to be one of those weeks. Normally, weeks were Jack is stuck in a room while the action plays out elsewhere doesn’t make for a quality episode of 24. However, tonight’s installment of 24 had plenty of tension without Jack Bauer beating the tar out of everyone in sight.

After some initial hesitancy, I’ve come around on Yvonne Strahovski’s Kate Morgan. She’s definitely a 24 archetype, but Strahovski plays it with the laser precision needed to make that person come off as credible. It’s a big ask to accept that Kate Morgan would be let back into this investigation, so it’s important that Strahovski is really good so we don’t pay attention to that nonsense. Unfortunately, the show feels the need to toss up another hurdle to her being directly involved with the situation. I’m not entirely sure why the show feels it needs to happen. We know Kate Morgan is going to be involved with our endgame, and we’d accepted the circumstances that caused her return. Now it just seems like the show is piling on poor Kate Morgan. It’s been a tough day for her so far.

Someone else having a bad day is President Heller. The guy’s mind is folding on him and now he’s got to deal with this Bauer guy again. His conversation with Jack comes off like fan proxy before he rooster blocks us. “You want me to put you back in the field?” Yes, President Heller, we all want you to put him back in the field. That being said, Jack’s indignation in that room was fairly off-putting. Some of Jack’s behaviors over the years have been rather off-putting, but telling POTUS he’s doing it your way or the highway after 4 years in exile seems like a bold play. Nonetheless, you find yourself hanging on Bauer’s every word and hoping the President ignores every bit of logic that exists in the world. We know he will, and I will cheer when he does. Such is 24.

One of the places where the show is clicking is with Michelle Fairley’s work at Terrorist HQ. I enjoy watching Caitlin Stark dominate all of those scenes with a brand of villainy that is somehow cartoonish but legitimately terrifying. The bad guy/gal with no scruples is a common construct, but if you can cast it with the right person, the standard-issue material becomes raised by their performance. Fairley is doing it with her scenes at present. She’s an exceptional puppetmaster, but she’s running low on operatives. I’m sure the well goes deeper, but I need to see it. Just some quick expository comments about wire transfers would be helpful. Otherwise, I have questions about how this is all working. That being said, 24: Live Another Day is currently working just fine. Now, if President Heller would just grant Jack his simple request…