‘Partners’ Starring Kelsey Grammer Series Premiere Date Announced by FX

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FX’s latest 10/90 comedy Partners is set to premiere Monday, August 4th with two back-to-back episodes following Anger Management at 10PM. Partners stars Kelsey Grammer (Boss) and Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys) as two Chicago lawyers who are brought together by unfortunate personal circumstances– Grammer’s character has just been fired while Lawrence’s is going through a divorce. Together they form an unlikely partnership and friendship.

Partners is the third 10/90 comedy FX has put on the air. Anger Management was the first and Saint George was the second. If Partners‘ first 10 episodes hit a ratings threshold FX is pleased with, then the series will automatically be picked up for an additional 90 to guarantee the series reaches the coveted 100 episode mark that makes it easier for series to be sold into syndication.

Do you think Grammer and Lawrence will make for a funny comedy duo?