Revolution Series Finale Review “Declaration of Independence”

Revolution Season Episode 22 Declaration of Independence (7)

And so Revolution comes to an end with “Declaration of Independence,” a series finale that clearly doesn’t want to be the end. Still, this was an episode that managed to wrap up the season’s storyline well enough, though the lack of a definitive ending leaves one wondering what could’ve been.

Last week’s cliffhanger was dealt with much quicker than I would’ve imagined, with the mustard gas plan being thwarted rather easily. This didn’t stop the plan entirely though, as Red’s self-preservation led to him shooting the Texan President dead at the first chance he got. Really, this felt like a bit of condensing of the story so that Miles and the gang could take the Patriot President hostage and spring their confessional trap on the guy.

This all worked fine, but the President has never been that strong of a villain, always letting lackeys like Horne and Red stand in for him. His presence just hasn’t been that strong throughout the season, so seeing him caught wasn’t that satisfying, even though he represented the downfall of the Patriots. Again, it worked well enough to wrap up the season-long conflict with the Patriots, but as a series finale, it was hard not to feel let down by this ending.

It’s great to have any kind of closure, but the events of this last hour felt rushed. A lot of this ties back to the lack of character the Patriot President had, but to hear that the Patriots will be wiped out without much effort is a letdown, especially given how much time was spent showing how powerful they were earlier this season. It’s that sort of line that feels like it was added in case this was going to be the series finale.

On the other side of things, you have the nano, which was dealt with pretty quickly early in the hour. This came back in the final scene, with Priscilla telling Aaron that the nano was going to seek out an army of people to help with its plan of subjugating humanity, including the President, Red and Tom. Obviously, this was all meant to set up plot for next year, and I found myself genuinely bummed knowing I wouldn’t find out what happens next.

That’s because for all of its early problems, Revolution became a much stronger, more focused show in its second season. Instead of haphazardly throwing different genre episodes and storylines together, there was strong pacing and character development this year. The battle for Willoughby often felt small, but it was a well-told tale. Similarly, the nano arc was given a strong, but secondary position, often completely removed from the rest of the story. It was cleaner, stronger storytelling, and it’s a shame to know there won’t be a third season.

I suppose we can always hope for a comic book continuation, though…

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