Exclusive ‘Motive’ Season 2 Interview: Kristin Lehman on New Characters, Why She Loves Angie and More

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ABC’s successful Canadian import Motive returns tonight, Wednesday, May 21st at 10PM for a second season including new characters, new cases and new guest stars. The series’ star, Kristin Lehman who plays the series’ central character Detective Angie Flynn, recently chatted with TV Equals about the new season, how one new character will shake up the dynamic of the department and more.

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TV Equals: Was it easier stepping into Angie’s shoes in season two?

Kristin Lehman: It was such a pleasure after the first initial day of getting back into season two when Louis Ferreira (Vega) and I constantly sort of glanced at each other– we were each other’s spotters on the trampoline, if you know what I mean. She is such a great character to slip on, I love Angie. I actually contemplated having her name tattooed on me because I just love her. She is very different from me and I wouldn’t say it was easy, but it felt good to slip her back on.

TV Equals: How will the new character Mark Cross change the way things operate in the department and can you tell us anything about his past with Angie?

Kristin Lehman: Yes! So Mark Cross, who is played by Warren Christie, is just so good. Angie has a personal and professional past with him, so what it means is that now while we are paying attention to our format, all of the attention and personal background we explored with Angie at home we can explore with ease within the office. So the tension is there with this person who she has had a torrid past with, and is now her superior.

The place where she previously felt really confident both in her relationship with Vega and in the work place is not just her domain anymore. She has to share it with someone she doesn’t trust. That adds a nice spice to season two, and it is a story we carry all the way through to our season finale.

TV Equals: Will we still see Sergeant Bloom as the season continues?

Kristin Lehman: Yes, he is still there. I think he pops in for five episodes. Now he becomes a real sounding board for Angie because he is directly responsible for bringing this member of her past in her space on a daily basis. So she has feelings about that and needs his advice.

TV Equals: Motive has such a unique framing device that separates it from other procedurals. What do you think it is about revealing the killer in the opening moments that draws viewers in?

Kristin Lehman: Well, personally I feel two things. One, I don’t know about you, but anytime I go into a crime or psychological thriller, I am guessing immediately who did it. Like my mind just naturally begins to try to make sense of the story. So, I feel like we are giving viewers what they want anyway and keeping them hooked because we are challenging why they believe this person did it, or what a killer is or what a victim is, so their moral beliefs are sometimes turned on their ear.

I also believe the characters that are in our crimes are accessible enough that people can imagine themselves in those extraordinary circumstances. People love to get the information and it hooks them into wanting to know more.

TV Equals: There are some cool guest stars coming up this season like Jennifer Beals and Corbin Bernson, can you talk a bit about working with them?

Kristin Lehman: It was really fulfilling to work with both of them. I didn’t really get to work with Corbin because he is one of our victims, but Jennifer comes in in episode two and she’s really tremendous and just gives a tour de force performance. It was stunning and wonderful to work with her because she is a cultural icon and also she is a splendid performer. I had a great time working with her both because her storyline was really compelling and it was a beautifully shot episode. I’m really proud of that one.

We also have some really powerful Canadian guest stars, in fact David Alpay who is in our premiere episode “Raw Deal,” and then in episode nine we have Callum Keith Rennie who appears in Californication and is a Canadian staple. Another excellent actor who came in is Brooke Nevin, she is in episode six. Then Kenny Johnson (Sons of Anarchy, The Shield) is in our finale and he was like the most splendid human in the world. The guest stars we get are so, so good. There are times when it feels like I’m in a great play and I’m just watching them.

TV Equals: What do you think makes the partnership between Angie and Vega work?

Kristin Lehman: We both wanted the same things in presenting that relationship, which was to make it nuanced and strong, but not romantic. That is a testament to the fact that these two characters are extremely vulnerable in their romantic life, and they know better as to where their limitations lie. They don’t expose their personal and professional lives to their personal limitations, and that is a pretty great thing to play because it means we get to play with a trust that is unshakable and important. It is a lovely thing to act everyday, and it is a meaningful feeling I get to conjure with him.

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