Warehouse 13 Season 5 Series Finale “Endless” Review


Bravo to Warehouse 13for giving us 5 seasons of campy, warm-hearted, science fiction adventure. Its run may have been too short, but as we know from Mrs. Frederic, the Warehouse is full of endless wonder that we one day may see again. To close this chapter, the show gave fans a well-crafted look back at past episodes, while giving us some new, emotionally satisfying gems.

The premise of the episode was that the Warehouse had started preparing for its eventual move to Warehouse 14. Part of that process involved the caretaker and agents downloading their memories into a Arthurian round table artifact. This table also let them look at moments from the Warehouse’s history, which was a clever way to bring in fan favorite HG Wells. Wells popped up in 1890s England, on the trail of Jack the Ripper. Obviously, the writers were cognizant of the desire of some fans for a Myka/HG relationship. This didn’t happen, but Myka did say that HG had left her boyfriend and was now with a woman.


Instead of going out with a bang, we start with one when Claudia looks for her best memory. The chorus girls from 42nd Street tap danced their way through the Warehouse, while Pete, Myka, Claudia, Jinks, and Artie fall under the powers of the Broadway musical’s marquee. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes of the series. It was hilarious watching them all shuffle back and forth – particularly Jinks. Claudia capped the performance with a show-stopping number that was joyful and impressive. At the end, Claudia realizes that she enjoys being an agent too much to commit to being the Warehouse’s caretaker. Her doubts lead Artie to a shocking and bizarre revelation.

For all the hardcore Warehouse fans out there, was there ever a hint that Artie had a son? I felt just as surprised as Claudia. If there were no clues before, this was a pretty huge disclosure. How could Artie conceal the fact that he had a son from the people who are the functional equivalent of his family? Claudia is initially hurt, but there is no time to explore that. The episode is only an hour and it’s more important to end on a positive note. She grumbles, but quickly comes to terms with the idea and wants to cyber stalk the guy. This was typical Claudia.


Pete is beyond reluctant to say goodbye to the Warehouse and resists sharing his memory. While he sulks, Myka shares hers. She and Pete take on a pack of witchy ninjas and at the end, Pete tells her that he’ll always have her back. This was a very sweet exchange. The second time I watched the episode, I felt more of Myka’s love for Pete. It’s certainly not a passionate love, but maybe something deeper. When Jinks points out that Myka loves Pete, she rushes off. Pete is in the midst of bemoaning his lot when Myka takes charge and kisses him. I have been against the pairing together of Myka and Pete since we got the first clues earlier in the season. Even though I tried to give approach it in this episode with an open mind, it still didn’t work for me. Particularly, when Pete tells Myka she kissed him “for realsies.” Sigh. This is a Pete-ism for sure, but that’s also what makes him more like an annoying brother than soul mate.

Artie eventually accepts that the Warehouse will be moving on, even though he has no clue how to do it himself. Which leaves Jinks. He still kind of views himself like an outsider, even though he’s an integral part of the team. His Warehouse memory involves a time when he went on an incredible journey into Artie’s heart. It was a nice metaphor for Artie’s role on the show and Jinks’s intimacy with the others.

The sweetest moment of the episode was the return of Lena. We see her with Mrs. Frederic, talking about how she knows she’ll die in the Warehouse. It was a good decision to bring her back. It made it feel that she is still a part of the Warehouse, just as the others will be when they are gone.

At the very end, we can only imagine how things worked out for Pete, Myka, Jinks, and Artie. For Claudia, we see that she has become a Regent. Her new Warehouse crew is a mirror image of Pete, Myka and Artie. The “new Artie” is none other than executive producer Jack Kenny. It’s a lovely cameo for someone who clearly gave his whole heart to the show.

Warehouse 13 may be gone, but maybe one day, we’ll explore the endless wonder of Warehouse 14 or 15 or 16….