In the Flesh Series 2 Episode 3 Review


Following its BAFTA win this week, In the Flesh is in a very good place with its third episode. Gone is the need to recommend this great little zombie show to friends and family – it’s now entered the mainstream consciousness and, if this week’s instalment is anything to go by, it’s probably going to stay there.

What the second series has cleverly done to build on the initial three hours we were granted last year is expand the universe way beyond Kieran and his family. The Walkers are still around, our entry point to both extremes of the argument, but this episode proved how much more there is to explore with this central concept. With PDS sufferers used as a metaphor for a whole range of things so far, this episode introduced us to formerly happy couple Freddie and Hayley.

From here we quickly discover what eventually tore the young lovers apart – death and resurrection – and really get into the ramifications of the rising for ordinary people like them. Hayley still loves her ex because of what they meant to each other, but that doesn’t mean she can’t move on with her life. As good as anything the show has done with Kieran and his own romantic struggles, we’re finally getting a picture of what In the Flesh’s future might look like when expanding its focus even more.

And then that cliffhanger with Kieran and Simon connecting in a way that will only probably end badly for everyone – unless Simon is secretly a good guy with only the best of intentions – not least of all Amy and her own expectations for their budding ‘romance’. Who knew a love triangle could feel as fresh and different as this, even in spite of the trio’s undead states? It definitely bodes well for the weeks ahead, in which we’ll follow the search for those first to rise in Roarton while also taking a deeper look at our central players.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think will happen to Freddie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.