The End of Revolution

Miles, Bass, Tom, Charlie, Connor, Priscilla, Aaron, Rachel - Revolution

As I sit here composing my thoughts, my mind is still reeling from the recent announcement that NBC has canceled Revolution. This article, which I had planned to be a season two wrap up, has now become an obituary. There is only one episode left, and based on the previews, it is not clear if it will be a season ender or a series ender. I do not know if the show runners had enough warning so that they could plan it to serve as either, however, I suspect it will be a season ender, meaning that there will be threads left unresolved.

Sadly, this has become a pattern of late, and it seems that sci-fi/fantasy shows have been really hard hit. Almost Human, Star Crossed, The Tomorrow People, and Believe are recent examples of shows that ended with many unanswered questions, although those shows only had one season each whereas Revolution had two. There have been many other TV shows that have gone before in the same manner; Firefly and its single season being one of the most cited examples.

Bringing this back to Revolution, however, I would now like to take a look at what I will miss most when this show is gone, what threads look likely to be left hanging. By the way, did I mention that I hate hanging threads?

Miles-Bass Bromance

Revolution Season Episode 21 Memorial Day (1)

TV has some really great bromances at the moment. Danny and Steve on Hawaii Five-0, Esposito and Ryan on Castle, Nick and Monroe on Grimm; Miles and Bass on Revolution fit right in with the pack. These two have such a love-hate relationship, that they are just plain fun to watch. Like a bickering pair of teens, they constantly split up and then get back together again. It’s almost like watching a drama on the CW!

In fact, the special bond they share played a role in the penultimate episode of season two, where Neville sowed the seeds of discontent with Bass’ son Connor by pointing out the importance of the bromance. When it came time to saddle up for the mission to Willoughby, Connor refused, after realizing that Miles was more important to Bass than Connor!

I guess the big question is, will this bromance continue to trump the father-son relationship between Bass and Connor, or at some point, will Bass put his son first above Miles? I doubt this will be resolved before the show ends.

Charlie and Her Attitude

Revolution Season Episode 18 Austin City Limits (2)

Between seasons one and two, Charlie must have had an “Aha!” moment. She went from being a naive girl with unclear loyalties and a lot of unresolved anger to being a tough as nails, no nonsense warrior, with a no-regrets attitude. Her new way of thinking left her with plenty of clarity, and made her very interesting and fun to watch!

Season two was very important for Charlie and her relationships with the people around her became a focus that she struggled with. She did manage to make peace with her mother, after initially being angered when she found out Rachel left the family voluntarily and was alive after being thought dead.

Having grown up in a post-blackout world and losing both her father and brother, she has understandably adopted the attitude that life is short and she lives in the moment. While her mother and uncle, Rachel and Miles, both state they are fighting to improve the world for Charlie’s sake, it is not clear if Charlie has the same attitude. What will become of her in the years to come?

The Nano

Priscilla, Aaron and Rachel - Revolution

Being a huge sci-fi fan, I am fascinated by the concept of the nano – microscopic machines, that in this case have become self aware and are now bent on “improving” humanity. The nano, being machines, first needed to study us, and after practicing on insects and small mammals, have now set their sights on humans.

How creepy is Priscilla, controlled by the nano, as she calmly presides over her experiments with humans, forcing Aaron to play along with the promise of the return of the non-nano controlled Priscilla?

I think this is an interesting story line, which I will admit has been done before, but I am curious to see where Revolution would have taken it. Priscilla indicated that the nano would actually change our brains to allow us to live in harmony. Forced Utopia through mind alteration, yikes! Sadly, we will not see the ultimate result of this grand experiment that Priscilla is conducting.

Seeing How Many More Times Monroe and Neville Will Switch Sides

Bass and Tom - Revolution

I have talked about this before, but Tom Neville and Bass Monroe are survivors, and they will switch sides as necessary to come out of a situation alive. These two have switched sides so many times that I have lost count.

Tom started out as part of the Monroe Militia, and has at various times joined forces with the Rebels and the Patriots, sometimes acting as a double agent, but really, he has always focused laser like on exacting revenge for the death or presumed death of his wife or son. We know for sure Jason his son is dead, but the fate of his wife is still unknown, despite the fact he seems to think she is dead at the hands of the Patriots.

Bass, former leader of the Monroe Republic and Militia, joined the Rebels after the Patriots nuked Atlanta and Philadelphia. With his Republic and Militia for the most part wiped out, he sees his only opportunity for revenge and survival with Miles and the Rebels. But, we all knew he was just biding his time, waiting for an opportunity to strike out on his own. Will he succeed? Will he be able to bring back the Monroe Republic? We will never find out.


Are you sad to see Revolution go? What will you miss the most, and what answers are you hoping for in the series finale? Please let me know in the comment section below!