Bones Season 9 Finale 2014 Review “The Recluse in the Recliner” – Welcome Back, Warrior Booth

Bones Season 9 Episode 24 The Recluse in the Recliner (6)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Recluse in the Recliner,” Booth’s new job seems to be in the bag until suddenly an old case aligns with a current murder and soon he’s no longer fighting for his career, he’s fighting for his life.

I am completely comfortable calling this the best episode of Bones I have ever seen. What made it so fantastic for me was the fact that, once the excitement got going, it never let up.

The episode began with Brennan running into a hospital in terror, following behind a gurney with a seriously wounded Booth. From there, we jumped back only two days and found out where it all began. Booth got a call from someone claiming to have information on the McNamaras and, being so close to taking that job in Germany, he was eager to clean up that case and call it a day.

But then Booth’s witness ended up dead and everything went downhill from there. It turned out their victim was a journalist who also worked at one of the McNamaras other businesses as a night watchman. Everything seemed to be leading to the McNamaras until they discovered the blackmail ring. When Booth saw his own photos on the victim’s chip, I knew this went really high up the food chain and boy, did it ever. All the way up to the congressman that had been singing Booth’s praises one day and publicly accusing him of treason the next.

That’s when Booth realized how much trouble they were all in and that he was being used as an example to everyone on the team. Someone wanted them to back off, but Booth refused. It’s easy to forget sometimes who Booth was before he became the mostly happy-go-lucky FBI agent that fell in love with Brennan and settled down in domestic bliss. Booth was (and still is) a warrior.

The last 10-15 minutes of this episode were the most terrifying, exciting and amazing minutes I’ve ever seen on this show. Booth prepping his weapons and taking on multiple Delta Force guys on his own had me gasping, chewing on my nails and basically completely freaking out. I loved that Brennan came in to rescue him, but I also love that he turned around and rescued her right back.

As I said, it’s been nice to see Booth settle down and be happy but sometimes we need episodes like this one. We need to see Booth the warrior and we need the terrifying excitement of not knowing if one of our favorite characters is going to survive. Ultimately, Booth did survive his wounds but the show wasn’t done with us yet. In the end, Booth was arrested for “attacking the men who came to serve a warrant” and now we have to wait all summer to find out who did this to him and how he will get out of it.

My favorite bits:

Poor Brennan being told to stay outside of the room where Booth was. Wow.

Brennan teaching (or trying to teach) Booth German.

“‘Splash the Deutsch.’ Okay, you know what? I really need to know is ‘Where is the bathroom?'”

Booth telling Hodgins to save his jokes for Squint Night at the Improv.

The blast originated in the victim’s stomach? Yikes.

Hodgins revealing that he did the math on whether or not you could drink enough booze to explode. Why does that not surprise me in the least?

Booth deciding not even to tell Stark about the body in the trailer. Whoa.

Fisher: “Bastard.”
Brennan: “I beg your pardon?”
Hodgins: “Fisher’s just starting to realize murderers are bad.”

Hodgins knowing exactly how their victim would think.

Cam discovering that their victim kept information in his nipple ring. Who knew a nipple ring could be so useful?

Fisher’s continual use of the word “bastard” and the fact that he got Brennan to do it as well.

Booth interrupting a congressman to take a call.

Booth suggesting that they let the bad guys think they won. Brilliant.

Whoa! I think I speak for Fisher when I call that Congressman a bastard.

Poor Booth being attacked by the press when they got out of the court room.

“Wow. That guy is definitely not Hadley’s wife.”

Brennan slipping Booth the note. Loved it.

Hadley getting in his car to find Booth sitting there.

Booth unpacking weapons and C-4. This stuff just got real.

Brennan telling Booth she hated him for making her walk away and him replying he loved her.

“Don’t you die, okay?”

Booth prepping his weapons and using things from around his house. Really loving the chance to see a very badass Booth.

Booth waiting in the dark, my stomach was in knots. Especially after they blew up part of the house.

Badass Booth. That is all.

Booth using his phone to see the guy on the stairs. Freaking amazing.

Brennan coming in to save the day and then Booth saving her right back. Holy crap!!!!

And then came the tears. Another perfect song for such an emotional scene. This episode is not holding back on us at all.

Brennan finding Booth handcuffed to his hospital bed.

Is it fall yet???

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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