Turn Season 1 Review “Mercy Moment Murder Measure”

Turn Episode 7 Mercy Moment Murder Measure (1)

“You lied to me so I would stay the course.”

“Mercy Moment Murder Measure” finally gave us the long-awaited reunion/confrontation between Abe/Anna and Captain Simcoe. It delivered. The duel in the snow was beautiful, tense, and wonderfully scored. There was no doubt in my mind that both Abe and Simcoe would come out alive, but the moments leading up to the conclusion still made my heart pound.

Samuel Roukin has officially taken over Jack Gleeson as the best jerk on television. Simcoe was in full form taunting Abe and creepily continuing his lust over Anna. Of course his defense of Anna’s “honor” is attacking Abe at night with a group of fellow British soldiers. Major Hewlett, you stupid man, you should have seen through that lie. One could argue that Simcoe has actual feelings for Anna, but I’m still leaning towards all lust at a woman who can hold her own. Anna played a dangerous game in talking him down at the duel as well. She threw out the idea of her and Simcoe possibly having a future knowing full well her husband has been paroled. Perhaps this felt safer to her, but giving Simcoe an indication that anything is possible is not smart. He won’t forget it along with the fact that he basically let Abe live.

Abe also has to deal with this resolution. The reason that he joined the spy game was to get Simcoe killed. That has now come back to slap him in the face. Working for Washington is not going to be so simple with the devil looking into the Tallmadge and Brewster families as well. Sooner or later, it will come back to Abe. Jamie Bell has done great work in the past few episode. I’m looking forward to what Abe’s and Anna’s journey to York City to fetch Selah will give Bell and Heather Lind to work with. I noticed on Twitter that Bell mentioned his favorite scene of the series was one with Anna in Episode 8. Until next week (and thankfully Turn will not be up against Game of Thrones because it’s taking a break for the holiday)!

Notes from the Spy Bible (don’t lose yours Abe!)
– You don’t mess with Anna Strong. She may have rejected Abe’s idea of killing Simcoe and making it look like an accident, but she then chastised Abe for not killing him in the duel. To add insult to injury, she told Abe that Papa Woodhull was bluffing in his remark about prosecuting Abe should he continue the duel. Girl knows where it’s at.

– Never knew of a coin toss deciding who would shoot first in a duel. Always thought the two opponents walked away and then shot at each other. Of course Simcoe would be the snake side of the coin.

– I’m starting to love Ensign Baker which makes me worried that he’ll die soon. He saved Abe from Simcoe’s night attack, diverted Simcoe from entering the Strong bar on his return to town, and acted as Abe’s second in the duel. Yes, he obviously has feelings for Mary (and also told her & unfortunately Simcoe about Abe and Anna), but he’s just so sweet.

– Let’s all thank Major Hewlett for feeling bad about Selah Strong’s situation. He made sure the package to Anna containing Abby’s present to Cicero (and secret note about Simcoe) was rushed. And Burn Gorman feeding the horse was hilarious.

– Looks like Caleb will get to meet Robert Rogers. That sneaky Ranger bastard was smart in putting Selah’s prisoner exchange under the name Samuel Tallmadge. Caleb is now going in Ben’s place to find a man who died of dysentery during Christmas. This meet up is not going to be pretty.

– Abe accidentally said Mr. Culper instead of Culpeper. Perhaps that’s how the code name is changed?

– The preview for Episode 8 had John Andre and Abe in the same scene. Mark me excited.