‘Orphan Black’ (Season 2): Whose Side is Paul On?


Since the very beginning of Orphan Black back in March of last year, viewers were introduced to Paul Dierden (series regular Dylan Bruce), the boyfriend of Elizabeth “Beth” Childs, a police detective who took her own life by jumping in front of fast-moving train. That suicide was witnessed by her look-alike Sarah Manning (series lead Tatiana Maslany), who as a small-time con woman in desperate need for money to get out of town with her young daughter Kira (recurring guest star Skyler Wexler), quickly decided to take over her life only to discover that she was one of many clones being monitored by a mystery group known as the Dyad Institute, who had monitor’s watching over each clone.

In the guise of being Beth’s boyfriend, Paul was actually her monitor. Once her death and Sarah’s deception were fully revealed, Paul ended up as Sarah’s monitor and on-again, off-again lover. Over the course of the first season, it became clear that Paul was being controlled by the powers that be at the Dyad Institute due to an incident that happened while he was in the military. However, it became obvious that he was beginning to have feelings for Sarah – or that is certainly how it appeared.

Near the end of the show’s first season, Paul was pulled into the inner workings of the Dyad Institute, having to work for Rachel Duncan, one of the executives at the institute and another of the clones. His past as a mercenary was held over his head by Rachel and Dyad, making it necessary for him to go against Sarah.

Now that the second season is underway, Paul seems to be working both sides, trying to support Sarah while attempting to work with Rachel and the institute to save himself from any harm they can cause.

Most recently, however, Paul has not only followed Rachel’s orders in implicating Felix in the murder of the small-town police officer killed at Cal’s (recurring guest star Michiel Huisman) “middle-of-the-nowhere” cabin but, after the death of Daniel Rosen (recurring guest star Matthew Bennett) – Rachel’s lover and monitor – Paul has seemingly taken over both of those roles with Rachel (yes, we can all say Ew!!!).

So the question has to be raised: Just whose side is Paul really on? He is obviously protecting himself, but he seems to be playing both sides of the field where Rachel and Sarah are both concerned. Viewers will have to keep tuning in each week to find out what Paul will do next and whose side for whom he will land.

The next new episode of the second season of ‘Orphan Black’ will air on BBC America on Saturday, May 24 at 9/8c.