Veep Season 3 Review “Special Relationship”

Veep has had success taking its characters abroad in the past, and this week’s “Special Relationship” kept the streak going. It wasn’t quite as funny as season two’s “Helsinki,” but some forward motion in the story and great guest stars made for another winning season three entry.

Ray’s return was surprising, as he seemed to be a one-note character destined to be cast aside after last week’s ending. At the very least, it was a shock to see him brought to London with the team, though it all made sense when Gary let on that he was specifically hired to have sex with Selina. More importantly, Ray was even funnier this time out, with Chris Meloni playing up the personal trainer’s stupidity to new heights.

It was also surprising to see Jonah had made his way across the pond, apparently sent just to keep an eye on and mess with Selina’s campaign. Jonah’s as sniveling as ever, still sucking up to Kent when they run into each other, but now he seems downright vengeful, seeking out a British journalist to strike out at Selina and, by association, Dan.

Oh, poor Dan, which is a weird thing to say. He’s a manipulative jerk, but that doesn’t distinguishing him too much from those he surrounds himself with. And though I didn’t like the idea of him as the campaign manager, the way Amy worked to take him out was pretty cruel. She must have picked up some tricks from her guest stint on Hannibal, leaving the guy hospitalized and none the wiser. Gary’s slip-up at the end only helped to seal the deal, and Dan’s time as campaign manager has come to an end.

Now, it’s entirely original to see Selina passive-aggressively spar with foreign diplomats, but it’s always entertaining, and it worked well here by having pretty much everyone in the country laugh at Selina and her screw-ups. Similarly, having the snooty diplomat condescend Mike and Ben was good to see as well.

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