Silicon Valley Season 1 Review “Proof of Concept”

Silicon Valley continued its run of strong episodes with “Proof of Concept.” It wasn’t the funniest outing for the show, but taking the guys out of the house and to a big convention allowed for an episode that highlighted the show’s satirical nature more than any other.

Outside of the plot, TechCrunch itself provided a lot of humor, providing the largest platform for satire yet on the show. Honestly, the whole episode could’ve been dedicated to looking at ridiculous apps, a lot of which were uncomfortably close to some of the sillier products you can find out there. From the similar presentations given on the main stage to the downright madness of HumanHeater, TechCrunch offered some of the episode’s strongest jokes, making it great to see the season will finish their next week.

Getting to the characters, I think it’s safe to say Ehrlich works better when he’s confused than when he’s self-assured. That “Steve Jobs” quality is important for the company, but it’s also hard to deny how annoying he can be as the pompous windbag, such as when the group was preparing for the presentation. He’s much more effective when he’s struggling to figure something out, like his constant questions about racism a few weeks back. Here, it was all about his struggle to figure out if their judge knew Ehrlich had slept with his wife.

Jared also continued to shine, even if his hellish odyssey from last week was mostly swept under the rug. The poor guy gave up a solid job to come join Pied Piper and yet, he constantly gets crapped on by the others. Here, his competition with Monica gave him a chance freak out even more, while also continuing Monica’s growth into a bigger character on the show. It’s still awkward watching the show dance around the Peter Gregory issue, but at least he was only mentioned once this week.

The rest of the cast had humorous storylines, but nothing we haven’t seen before. In fact, both plots felt similar to last week, with Dinesh and Gilfoyle’s rivalry flaming up over a girl and Richard getting obsessively annoyed by another person. Things were different enough, but it feels weird for things to seem so similar episode-to-episode when the show’s still in its first season.

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