Orphan Black Season 2 Review “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”

Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 5 Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est (2)

I have mixed feelings at the moment on Orphan Black. My love of the characters is unwavering, especially all of the clones. But, the story is unfolding way too slowly. The Prolethean offshoot is languishing in side story hell, while the Project Leda backstory is moving at a glacial pace. While the maturing of the relationships between the clones is emotional rich, their constant cat-and-mouse with Dyad is starting to wear thin. We need to get some significant resolution on at least one part of their origins in order to focus the plot a bit more.

This week, Sarah and Helena spent some quality time together. Helena’s dementedness adds a layer to her that is disturbing and entertaining. We can add powdered donuts to her list of favorite junk foods, along with revolting canned sardines and hard-boiled eggs. I like that Helena is starting to be incorporated into the group. While Felix is not a fan, Sarah informs Helena that she needs to listen to him because he is another “sistra.” We know that Felix has a huge heart, and it is only a matter of time before he also considers Helena family. I like this aspect of Felix’s personality.

I also like that Art is now fully in the fold and trying to help Sarah and the clones figure out where they came from. I advocated for a long time to take Art out, but now I appreciate his role as a kind of benevolent guardian. He has his own motivations, but also seems to consider helping the clones as the morally right thing to do.

Unfortunately, not all the members of team clone have stuck together. Paul makes the decision to be Rachel’s bitch, which means he becomes a full service monitor. Maybe Paul is hurt because he thinks Sarah is getting together with Cal (which she did). Regardless, now that Sarah has seen him hooking up with Rachel, their chances of a future together are slim to none. His betrayal may not be as bad as Sarah suspects because in the end, his loyalties appear to be to Leekie and not to Rachel. It’s kind of a bummer that Paul has apparently turned to the dark side.

By framing Felix, Paul may have obliterated any goodwill he had with Orphan Black fans. You can do a lot of things and still come back into the fold of admiration (look at Helena), but once you cross Felix, Clone Club members won’t forget. Speaking of Felix, he had a tough episode. Not only is his Tears for Fears fueled date ruined, he faces trumped up charges for murder. Poor Felix.

We’ve got a hint that there may be more to Cal than we previously realized. I’m not sure we can jump to the conclusion that his biology is special and that’s how he was able to father Kira. If that were the case, then the Proletheans shouldn’t have been able to fertilize Helena’s egg without Cal’s sperm. And if the show goes down that path, it will be extremely revolting.

My favorite scene of the episode was when Sarah stops Helena from shooting Rachel. Finally, you feel like the two actually are sisters. I was actually hoping that Helena would take out Rachel. I’ve had just about enough of her clone on clone hate, and her dominatrix routine with Paul was gross.