Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 Review “The Enemies of Man”

Da Vinci's Demons Season 2 (2)

“I will make this right.”
“I know you will my boy. You know no other way.”

Congratulations Carlo Medici, you are now an interesting character. Also, I hate you with the fire of a thousand suns. Just when Andrea comes back into the picture, you take him away from us. Granted, I knew something ominous was about to happen as Leo’s dear maestro was walking down the stairs all excited to journey to Vinci. A happy supporting character in a show like Da Vinci’s Demons never ends well. Andrea at least got to go out knowing he helped Leo fix and solve the riddle of the brazen head.

The reveal of Carlo as one of the enemies of man adds a new player into the game. The enemies or labyrinth have been alluded to before, but the penultimate outing finally introduced them to us in the flesh with Carlo and the men who rescued Riario. If they are what they say they are then it makes Pope Sixtus look small time. I hope Sixtus is ignorant of the former because it keeps his takeover of the papacy more personal. And as an audience member I can relate to his machinations over those of the enemies which range on such a large scale. The closest connection I can think of is the King’s Landing plotline on Game of Thrones versus the White Walkers as the supernatural threat. It’s a development I don’t necessarily think the show needs. The Sixtus plot gives more than enough material for Leo to be involved with. I mentioned last week that the Book of Leaves is the show’s Macguffin. Da Vinci’s Demons doesn’t need it as a driving force: Leo looking for his mother is more than enough, and that could have been achieved without her being connected with an all-powerful object. It’s the struggles on a personal level that are engaging, whether it be Leo and his mother, Riario and himself, or two brothers continually at each others throats. Throwing in a battle for the planet’s soul can become too much to wrap your head around.

We still don’t know the extent of the power of The Book of Leaves, and all of Leo’s visions have spanned across time and space. Even the Turk himself looks to have the ability to be in more than one place. And yet, I’d rather watch Riario struggle with his own demons any day. Blake Ritson once again was brilliant in “The Enemies of Man.” Riario killed his own mother, and I still wanted to embrace him after Francesco refused forgiveness. When speaking with Leo about returning to the Pope, it didn’t even cross my mind that Riario was referring to the true Pope. Poor guy really wanted redemption, and he was denied it from the one man who he believed could give it to him personally and from God. I thought it was Francesco (using the keys that Riario left him to get out of prison) watching over Riario as he attempted suicide, but nope, it was our new enemies of man. His desire for acceptance and peace from someone other than himself has brought him to a place even worse than before. I do think Riario will achieve his redemption before the series’ end, but now his road will be even more difficult to travel.

To add to this, Leo’s lost his mentor due to his quest. As Riario mentioned before, is it worth it? Leo may not have known his mother prior to the Book of Leaves discovery, but he only did things for himself. What becomes the trade in searching for the unknown?

Secret Notes from the Brazen Head
– Somehow I had never heard of the phrase “brazen head” before this episode. Not sure how that escaped me. Anyways, in literature it is an automaton that can supposedly answer any question either freely or with “yes” or “no.”

– We never got to see much of Andrea’s work so his fixing and solving of the brazen head was even better. He was truly someone worthy of being Leo’s mentor, and Allan Corduner will be missed.

– So many questions about Carlo now. First off, how old is he and how long ago did he and Mama da Vinci travel to South America? Leo’s mom left him when he was 6 months old. Did she and Carlo make the journey right afterwards or was it years later? Even if Carlo is around Lorenzo’s age that still doesn’t seem old enough. And great fake-out on the show’s part because it definitely looked like it was the Abyssinian who made the trip. Carlo also mentioned Leo and the Sons of Mithras would pay for the sins of Daedalus. In Greek mythology, Daedalus created the Labyrinth that housed the Minotaur. The Enemies of Man have always worn a bull’s head in Leo’s visions. Daedalus also helped his son Icarus create wings, like those in Leo’s workshop.

– I’m not sure who I want to kill Carlo: Leo or Clarice. You know Clarice is going to be pissed when she discovers his betrayal.

– Poor Lorenzo again. King Ferrante was going to accept his alliance only to be killed by Alfonso.

– “OH SNAP” is what I wrote down when Lorenzo slapped Sixtus. Yep, doesn’t matter if you’re the Pope, Lorenzo will smack you.

– The Turks now know there are 2 Popes and that Lucrezia’s father is the real one. This was supposedly a part of Lucrezia’s plan along with starting a war between Rome and the Ottoman Empire. Very curious about what her long game is. And has her interrogator been named? That woman is more than what she seems.

– I feel like Vanessa has been pregnant forever.

– No finale next week because of Memorial holiday. Until May 31st!

Best quote
“Oh for fucks sake. We’ve literally just got back.” -Leo