The Amazing Race Season 24 Review “Do You Believe in Magic?”

Do You Believe in Magic?

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The season finale of The Amazing Race aired tonight with the pretty solid “Do You Believe in Magic”. Dave and Connor are racing to be the first parent/child team to win, Caroline and Jennifer are trying to be the second girl/girl team to win, and Team Brenchel are aiming to make a “Brenchel Baby”! These are high stakes, people!

After the standard pre-race trashing of Team Brenchel, we find out that the teams are making the loooong flight from London to Las Vegas. There was absolutely no travel drama or anything at the airport, except for an odd off-camera exchange where Rachel allegedly cut off the Country Singers in line. It’s not very often that the CBS cameramen fail to catch the drama on screen, so it’s odd that they weren’t able to get a shot of this. I would have liked to see this for myself so I could have drawn my own conclusion, but oh well.

The first big challenge in Sin City involved the legendary David Copperfield, which was a really big get for The Amazing Race. It’s not often that we get legitimate celebrities to appear on this show, so getting arguably the biggest name in Las Vegas is a pretty big deal. It wasn’t just a lame cameo like Wayne Newton’s in a previous season, either. David seemed to be really involved in the challenge, which was great to see. He was really having some fun! This challenge wasn’t really hard, per se, as all they really had to do was keep trying keys until they found the right one. It was still fun to watch, though.

That wasn’t the only cool Vegas-centric challenge, though, as the Road Block had the teams screwing light bulbs into the “I” at The Mirage. This was yet another challenge that was developed with the spectacle in mind, more so than actually testing the skill of the team members, but it was still fun to see.

Despite the cool looking challenges, and the great “skydiving to the finish line” finale, there was still a couple issues with this leg. My biggest frustration was with the taxi cab drivers, which yet again seemed to be the deciding factor in who the winner was. I understand making the teams get cabs in third world countries, or locations where it might be dangerous to drive yourself, but it makes zero sense in the US. Give them all a Ford Focus to drive around again so that you’re actually testing the navigational skills of the players. Maybe they figured this would give an unfair advantage to Las Vegas dwelling players Brendon and Rachel, but instead they get stuck with a lame cabbie who didn’t know how to get to The Mirage! Are you kidding me with that?! She needed to type the directions into her GPS so she could get to one of the most popular hotels in the world? Dave and Connor also seemed to come in minutes before the Country Singers simply because their cabbie zoomed past the other one on the way to the helicopter company.

Another surprising omission to the episode was the lack of an ending challenge. Usually we have some kind of memory challenge, or something that forces the teams to think back at the race they’ve had. I usually like this, as it’s more skill-based and serves as a nice reminder about the season we’ve just watched. Instead they just skydived to the finale, which did look cool, but again it was style over substance.

So Dave and Connor ended up winning the race, which was kind of a bummer for me. Dave has annoyed me quite a bit this season, but I suppose it is impressive that they’re the first parent/child team to win, and that Dave is now the oldest player to win as well. Maybe now Dave will stop whining about being so old, seeing as how he just outraced a bunch of younger players.

That’s it for the season, folks! See you in the fall!

Random Thoughts:

– Maybe I haven’t been paying attention over the years, but I thought they usually end the race in the same city that they started it? I can’t help but feel a little cynical that they didn’t go all the way around the world, since they started in Los Angeles and ended a little farther east in Las Vegas.

– I loved how genuinely concerned Caroline and Dave seemed about their partners during the David Copperfield challenge. As if they’ve actually been dropped and blown up. Don’t they know what Copperfield is famous for?

– Maybe Rachel’s next move should be to find a man who doesn’t force her to winning a reality competition in order to get her pregnant. That’s always a good start to parenthood. Holding a pregnancy hostage until you win some money. Or should I say more money, since she’s already won $500k on Big Brother. Yeesh.