‘Supernatural’ Spin-Off Still Hope for by The CW


At yesterday’s upfront presentation to the New York advertisers, Mark Pedowitz, the President of The CW, shared with reporters that they have not given up hope on a spin-off series to their long-running series Supernatural.

Viewers will recall that a recent episode of the fan favorite series that is now in its 9th season, coming back for a 10th season this fall, was actually a back-door pilot to a proposed spin-off series that was to be called ‘Supernatural: Bloodlines’. Unfortunately, the network decided to pass; but the decision was not based on bad ratings because that episode averaged more than 2 million viewers. Pedowitz shared that “(the spin-off) just didn’t quite get there”.

The network does “believe that there’s a real brand in ‘Supernatural'”, says Pedowitz. He further explained that he has “already spoken to the creator and the studio; they know we want to develop once more next season, a ‘Supernatural’ spin-off. What it is and what it isn’t is still in the air”.

Perhaps a second time for the spin-off series will be the charm.

The season finale of the current, ninth season of ‘Supernatural’ will air next Tuesday, May 20 at 9/8c on The CW.

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]