‘Reign’ (Season 1): The King Is Dead, Long Live the King

Slaughter of Innocence

The season finale of the debut season of Reign aired last night on The CW; and true to form (especially for this surprising new period piece) there was death, intrigue, deception and, well, more death.

Not one to shy away from killing off characters, ‘Reign’ has provided its fair share of death throughout its freshman year on TV, including the multitude of deaths featured in the final episode.

Not only did a boatload of soldiers die in a needless show of madness instigated by King Henry (series regular Alan Van Sprang), but the very madness that had been plaguing the King brought about his own downfall – at the hands of his own son Francis (series regular Toby Regbo) [even if Francis was the only one to know that it was he and not the Knight he replaced who dealt the final blow].

The injuries for which the King sustained in that fateful jousting match were deadly, bringing about his death albeit with enough time to say his goodbyes to his cunning wife, Queen Catherine (series regular Megan Follows) and son Francis. But he did not live long enough to share any words with his other son Bash (series regular Torrance Coombs); and quite frankly, I would doubt that either would want to have any parting words given where their rocky relationship laid at the time of the King’s death.

Elsewhere in the story, Bash and Nostradamus (recurring actor Rossif Sutherland) were on the hunt for “The Darkness,” the supposed supernatural being that had been terrorizing the surrounding villagers for years. They eventually found their prey at the new homestead of Bash and Kenna’s (series regular Caitlin Stasey), as the being, who turned out to be a devote Pagan intent on sacrificing children to stave off the Black Plaque, was there to retrieve young Pascal and murder Kenna. The Darkness was not only stabbed in the back by Nostradamus, but then dealt a fatal blow to the head by Bash.

In the end, Francis ended up as King, Bash and Kenna declared their love for each other and, with the death of “The Darkness,” the Black Plaque seemingly reared its ugly head all over the kingdom.

What this new doom will spell for all those in the castle not to mention Lady Lola (series regular Anna Popplewell), who was outside the gates of the French Court painfully laboring to bring her child into the world, but also Francis, who rode off to find Lola after learning the parentage truth about her child, will have to wait for season two this fall on The CW.

If you are a fan of ‘Reign’, what did you think of the season finale? Were you pleased by the King’s demise? Were you glad to see the end of terror by “The Darkness”? And how much do you fear for the fates of Lola and Francis? Please share your comments below.