Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Finale “Fear (of the Unknown)” Review

The Grey’s Anatomy season 10 finale marked much more than the end of a season for the show. It marked the end of an era, one of the building blocks upon which this show was built. I will genuinely miss Cristina Yang as a character and miss the great acting by Sandra Oh on the show.

Before getting to Cristina’s farewell, I must ask a question for fellow Grey’s Anatomy fans – with a suspected terrorist attack, has the show finally featured every form of disaster or traumatic event? We’ve seen a plane crash, a mass shooting, bombs and several natural disasters.

Back to Cristina.

The day has finally arrived for Cristina to head to Zurich. For a very brief moment, I feared that we would find out that she was at the mall. Thankfully Shonda decided not to be so cruel, but this is the same show that wrote George’s character off by having him run over by a bus trying to save someone before could officially begin his military service. I would have been livid and this would have been a 300-word rant instead of a review.

Like the episodes preceding the finale, last night was a reminder of why Cristina Yang was such a great character on Grey’s Anatomy. As I’ve previously mentioned, the writers did an excellent job fleshing the character out and allowing viewers to see her growth and development. It was clear that Cristina was destined for success in season 1, but it was not clear that she would ever become a doctor who cared about patients as much as she cared about prestige.

Despite her growth as a doctor, she’s still the same Cristina we’ve enjoyed watching as a friend to Alex and Meredith. I LOVED the scene in which she simultaneously praised and insulted Alex. It was touching to see that she’d kept track of his success and respected him as a doctor. Likewise, her parting words to Meredith were great and something Meredith absolutely needed to hear. I also teared up a bit when she mentioned George. The choice to have her spend her final moments with Meredith dancing it out was both heartwarming and quite fitting.

It was also nice to see that leaving Owen was as difficult for her as it was for him. I don’t think Cristina is a heartless, emotionless robot, but she’s proven quite adept at keeping her feelings under wrap when its necessary. It was sweet to hear her ask Meredith to be sure that Owen didn’t become too dark and twisted in her absence.

Once I learned that Gaius Charles was leaving Grey’s Anatomy, I feared that Shane’s departure would be courtesy of the grim reaper. It was a surprise and a relief to watch him quit and join Cristina in Zurich. Of all the newbies, I felt most invested in Shane so it is nice to see him get a happy ending. Although I’m elated that Leah is gone from the hospital, I was glad that she got to return one more time to help out and actually do a few really cool things – like repairing a bulging eyeball. Ick!

Although it was clearly Cristina’s night, she wasn’t the only character with a huge moment in the finale. Simply put, Richard and Ellis Grey had a love child that she gave up for adoption. That child, of course, is now a doctor at Grey’s Anatomy. Once again, Meredith has a sister that she knew nothing about who is smart and in the same profession. Although this is very familiar territory, I’m genuinely intrigued about what this will do for Richard and what it will mean for his relationship with Meredith. Of all the storylines established for next season in last night’s finale, this is the one that I’m most interested in and the one that will bring me back to the show in the fall.

Random Thoughts and Observations:

– I like “shepherdess” as a nickname for Amelia.

– It was nice to see the writers revisit the bond between Owen and April. Although it feels like several (television) lifetimes ago, Owen was the one who brought her back from the farm and helped her find her confidence after she failed the boards. He was also key to helping her identify her place within the hospital and the profession, which is clearly important as shown through Leah’s experience.

– Dig the knife in Callie even deeper by having her treat a surrogate mother. The look exchanged between Callie and Arizona suggested that the couple might be open to using a surrogate. I suspect that the couple will not have a surrogate as dedicated as the one we saw in last night’s finale. *sigh*

– It was nice to see Catherine back at Sloan Memorial. I LOVE Debbie Allen, so I always look forward to her involvement on the show – behind the camera and onscreen. I understand that Catherine rubs some Grey’s Anatomy fans the wrong way. She’s bossy, overbearing, stubborn and at times, abrasive. Fan feelings aside, this is the woman Richard loves. I actually find Catherine much more consistent with what we know about Richard’s relationships. Although I think he loved Adele, I think it’s clear that Ellis Grey was the love of his life. In some ways, Catherine is very similar to what we’ve learned about Ellis. Both women are driven, assertive and very accomplished. After the scene with April, I would say that Catherine’s maternal instincts are much stronger than what we’ve seen of Ellis’s.

– Nice to see Richard turn the “I trained you. I know what’s best for you. I wiped your butt when you were an intern.” speech around on Bailey. I was so excited about the prospect of her joining the board, as was she, until it was revealed that Cristina left her seat and her shares to Alex. I’m not sure how excited I am to see Alex and Bailey butting heads next season.

What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale and the departure of Cristina Yang? Sound off below!