TV Buzz: The CW Offers Up First Look at New Lineup, Taye Diggs Heats Things Up in ‘Murder in the First’ Trailer and More

Extant suddenly looks cool, Taye Diggs is killing it in the new Murder in the First promo and TNT is declaring themselves the place to be as the weather starts heating up. Thursday’s TV Buzz has me asking, “Is it summer yet?”

‘Extant’ Looks A Whole Lot More interesting in Full-Length Trailer

CBS has finally played their hand and revealed an in depth look at Extant. It turns out what previously appeared to be your typical alien impregnation storyline (which are alarmingly a thing that is typical) is much more complex. For starters, the series is futuristic, not set in our current modern day world, and Halle Berry’s character’s first child is not just a precocious TV kid, he is a robot, and she is not 100% on-board with her artificially intelligent offspring. After watching a longer version of the trailer, I am finally interested in seeing what this series has in store for us.

Extant premieres July 2nd at 9PM on CBS.

The CW Teases 2014-2015 Season

The CW revealed their full 2014-2015 schedule earlier today, but they left out promos for their midseason series iZombie from Veronica Mars‘ creator Rob Thomas and The Messengers. Still, the network kindly included brief clips from both series in their bouncy sizzle reel. Which new The CW series are you looking forward to the most?

TNT Goes Boom

Let’s just pretend we don’t notice how long it took TNT to realize “Boom” would be their ideal tagline. Actually, I’m not entirely sure they have made the connection yet considering how they go on about the dramatic “boom” moments in their sizzle reel. I won’t pick on them though because their summer shows– Legends with Sean Bean, Murder in the First with Taye Diggs, The Last Ship with Alec Baldwin — all look pretty fantastic.

‘Murder in the First’ Gets Gritty New Trailer

Murder in the First looks much darker than your typical TNT drama and deeper as well. Taye Diggs is smoldering and intense in this longer look at the series while Tom Felton plays a new, less sniveling kind of bad guy. We don’t get a very close look at Kathleen Robertson as Diggs’ partner (and girlfriend?), but it is still shaping up to be a must watch.

Murder in the First premieres Monday, June 9th at 10/9c.

Presenting the ‘Almost Royal’ Georgie and Poppy

“Who wants a cup of coffee every day?”

I am actually with Poppy on this one. We get a proper introduction to Almost Royal siblings Georgie and Poppy in the latest trailer for BBC America’s first original comedy. The duo are perfect at throwing off delightfully off-kilter comments, like insisting they are friends with benefits and calling out Paul Revere for being a snitch. They may be my new favorite comedy duo– but I will hold off until the premiere before making it official.

Almost Royal premieres Saturday, June 21st at 10/9c on BBC America.

Sean Bean Is Super Confused in ‘Legends’ Trailer

“Who am I?”

Geez, Sean Bean, I am not sure who you are this time around, but since you are the main character, chances are you will make it out of this series alive…well, you have a 50/50 shot. Legends is confusingly similar to The Bourne Identity, and yet Sean Bean, guys!

Legends premieres August 13th on TNT.

‘Hit the Floor’ Prepares for an Exciting Season 2

I learned one thing from the Hit the Floor season two teaser: everyone on the show is abnormally flexible. Also, this is going to be a steamy season. Check out the premiere on Memorial Day at 9/8c on VH1.


Are you looking forward to Extant now that you have seen more of the series? Are you okay with Legends being a small screen Bourne? Sound off below.

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