The Originals Season 1 Finale: 99 Problems and a Witch Is Just One

The Battle of New Orleans

The Originals had its ups and downs over the course of the first season, everything from meandering plot lines to familial angst and more witches than you could shake a stick at. It seemed that — with the exception of Hayley giving birth — anything could happen in the final few episodes of the season. Not only did anything happen, I think everything happened.

Let’s start with the tying up of season one’s many plot threads: Marcel launched an epic final attack on Klaus and instead found his people slaughtered by the new-bad-guys-on-the-scene, the Correa family, aka the Guerrera bloodline that Klaus thought he’d killed off decades ago. Francesca Correa schemed with that one back-stabbing bayou werewolf, promising him the moonlight rocks Klaus had created in return for him and his followers siding with her. All the while, Francesca acted like an upstanding human pillar of the community. Werewolves 1, Klaus 0.

Moral of the tale? Killing entire bloodlines will one day come back to bite you. Quite literally.

Werewolves have been an issue for Klaus over the course of the season for a number of reasons, long before this whole Correa/Guerrera thing. Not only were the bayou wolves always a potential threat to life and limb of Klaus’ friends (as everyone Klaus ever annoys is), they were also a threat to his family life. What if Hayley had decided to go be with her betrothed (ugh) and tried to cut Klaus out of the baby’s life? It was always a risk, and while Klaus would probably have just killed all the bayou wolves out of spite, as we saw by the end of the finale Hayley is a hybrid now. It’s probably a damn good thing she was always amicable enough with Klaus and put up with a lot of his crap, because the ending could have been very different if it’d been hybrid-Hayley protecting her baby from Klaus and his dumbassery.

She was a lot less forgiving towards the witches. After they’d also schemed with Francesca Correa (gotta give that woman 10/10 for scheming), they delivered Hayley’s baby and went off to kill her. It probably surprised exactly no one that they were killed off (thanks in part to Marcel, prompting a reconciliation between him and Klaus), but it was so damn satisfying to watch. As was, and this was a surprise, Hayley and Klaus’ heartwrenching decision to give the baby away, to be raised in a safe environment until such a time as she can return home. Sad as it may have been, it was nice to see Klaus agree to the smart option for once. Who was the only person Klaus trusted with his child? Rebekah, and so there was another reconciliation, this one also giving Rebekah the one thing she truly wanted all along — a family of her own.

As far as season finales go, the reconciliations made this a satisfying one. The emotion shown over these last three episodes, especially from Klaus, Elijah and Hayley, was both heartbreaking and cheer-worthy. I really hope we’ll get to see more of this slightly softer, more open Klaus and the badass that is hybrid-mother! Hayley in season two. While circumstances have changed with the removal of baby Hope from the scene, it would be a shame to lose such fantastic aspects of these characters. Besides, they are a hell of a lot more terrifying when they really have something — or someone — worth fighting for.

As for the newly unpicked plot threads, well… Events affecting the dead (as seen in The Vampire Diaries) had Papa Mikael worried about his own demise. So he did what any self-respecting vampire hunter ghost would do — he haunted the dreams of his family members and then had Davina resurrect him. As if one murderous parent wasn’t enough, Mama Esther a) tried to have baby Hope killed and then b) seemingly resurrected herself and one of her sons (Finn?) in two random bodies from the graveyard. Maybe having Camille around is a good thing because this family is going to need some serious counselling.

The tied up plot threads and the werewolf shenanigans look great for season two, but what to make of Mikael and Esther being back? They’re both interesting characters, but it feels as though we’ve dealt with enough of their crap before in The Vampire Diaries. Their return not only stokes up story lines long left to rest, but it means the Mikaelsons won’t get an ounce of peace…yet again. Given that they’ve just made nice with each other (and I’m counting Marcel and Hayley as Mikaelsons because they’re family, dammit), isn’t it a bit harsh to immediately bring in more family members who wish them ill? I suppose that’s just the MO of The Originals/The Vampire Diaries-verse — get crap thrown at you until you either die or run away. Given that we’re only down one Mikaelson, but a lot of bad guys, at the end of season one, the odds seem to be in their favour.

So now we wait. Given the events of season one, season two is bound to be eventful. Roll on October!