Elementary Season 2 Review “The Grand Experiment”

The Grand Experiment

In the subtle-but-effective season finale of “Elementary,” we may not have gotten the somewhat expected Moriarty, but we did get a nice send-off for Mycroft in “The Grand Experiment.” The title was a reference to the collaboration between Holmes & Watson and how it had borne fruit over the years, to the point that Holmes had come to rely on it- and not entirely in a good way. In some ways, his relationship with Watson is like his addiction- Holmes is genuinely scared of what will become of his abilities without it.

Of course, Watson is only moving out, not on, but Holmes is taking it pretty hard. Between volunteering his services to MI6, an organization he has been dubious of in the past, and never so much as now, what with the revelation that Mycroft had been pulled back into it on Holmes account; to his retrieving his stash in light of Watson’s still leaving in spite of Mycroft’s announcement he was faking his own death to take himself and his loved ones off the radar of Le Milieu, I’m not sure what Holmes is up to, but it doesn’t look good. I feel like he’s working some angle, perhaps trying to get some payback for MI6’s perceived slight in forcing his brother to work for them on his behalf.

Perhaps it’s because I review it as well, but the main plot with the bookstore owner and all that reminded me of “The Americans,” what with all the secret phone calls and codes and general subterfuge involving spies and wayward women and so forth. Factor in the angling for information on nuclear capabilities, and all you needed to do was switch out Iran with Russia in the 80’s and this could have been an episode of that show. Which is not to say it was derivative, by any means, it just reminded me of something like “The Americans” would do, or maybe “Homeland” to a certain degree.

Some good moments throughout, from Holmes confronting Mycroft about his sacrifice and thanking him in his own passive-aggressive, back-handed way; to Watson’s realization that, whether she liked it or not, her relationship with Mycroft was effectively over; from Mycroft’s tense meeting with Sherrington in that restaurant, and plus that cool scene with Watson facing off with the same, with “Everyone” having her back; there was lots to enjoy here. While I was sad to see Mycroft go, it was a necessary evil, and at least he went out on a high note.

The question is: where will Holmes go from here? Will he slip into bad habits yet again? Will he double-cross MI6 and get himself into hot water again? Will he & Watson recover as a team with her living elsewhere? Will Holmes ever see Mycroft again? Definitely a lot to consider as the show heads into hiatus until the next season.

All in all, a good season. I can only think of a few episodes that were a little disappointing. Otherwise, most of them have been pretty compelling and very much in the tradition of the stories and books that inspired them, modern tweaks notwithstanding. I really like what they’ve done with the character, and I look forward to see what they have in store for us next season, and where they will go with it next.

What did you think of “Elementary” this season? Did you like it as much as the first season? Or did you think it was even better? What was your favorite episode? What about your least favorite? What do you predict will happen next? Will Holmes regress with Watson no longer keeping an eye on him? Will Holmes go rogue with MI6? Will he start using again? Sound off below and hope to see you next season! Thanks for reading!