The Americans Season 2 Review “Operation Chronicle”

The Americans Season 2 Episode 12 Operation Chronicle (2)

On the penultimate episode of “The Americans,” the stage was clearly set for the grand finale, and though it was mostly set-up, it was a tense episode nonetheless, as the next phase of “Operation Chronicle” began. Just what is said operation? Hard to say, but it seemed to involve kinda-sorta tricking Stan into coming to the defense of Nina after Arkady showed up at her safe-house and beat her up (with her permission, mind you) and threatened to deport her, where she would stand trial for treason and almost certainly be put to death.

Thing was, though the beat-down might have been done with Nina’s cooperation, the threat of her being sent home if she failed to get Stan to do what they wanted was very real, and what they wanted him to do was a pretty tall order: get the files or what have you of Project Echo, a computer program detailing the Stealth Operation, if I’m understanding everything correctly. Oleg put in a good word for Nina and gave her a pile of cash, but with guards at her door, it doesn’t look good if Stan doesn’t come through.

I feel like Stan’s got something up his sleeve that he’s not saying that goes beyond simply trying to do what the Russians are asking. It might seem like he’s doing what they want him to, but Stan’s smarter than the average agent, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he has a plan, but needs to find out exactly what Echo is first, which, at least according to one guy, even the Russians don’t know. Once he does, I’d be willing to bet that he’s going to give them false information, much in the same way they duped Liz & Phil with those plans earlier in the season. After all, if the Russians don’t really know what it is, either, how will they know if they’ve got the right information anyway?

Meanwhile, Liz & Phil have serious problems of their own, and even more so Jared at the moment, with Larrick closing in. I don’t know that finding Jared will do him any good, as he doesn’t even know Liz’s real name, much less where she lives, and whoever he’s staying with probably doesn’t know their address, either, or if she does, she’s not likely to give it up, a la Kate. That doesn’t bode well for either of them, though Jared still has a chance if his ride gets there before Larrick does. And if whoever Jared’s staying with does give up the address, God help Liz & Phil.

On the plus side, it’s not like they can’t handle themselves just fine, and as they are the main protagonists, it’s probably not too likely that they’ll kill them off, especially with the show already renewed for a third season. Then again, it would be a shocker even if they killed one of them- or one of the kids, for that matter. Is that likely to happen? Hard to say, but I would bet on Liz and Phil before I’d bet on Larrick, even with his track record of killing being pretty extreme in its own right.

Another possibility: those documents that Martha snagged for Phil/Clark might just come in handy once Phil gets a good look at them. Not sure what they were exactly, but I’m guessing that they must contain something Phil could use to help their cause. Likewise, Fred might just come in handy as well, if he pulls off the job Phil tasked him to do. Or Stan, if he actually does what Arkady tasked him with to save Nina. I’d really hate it if she was taken out, but it’s not looking good. As much as I hate to say it, if anyone’s going down from the main cast, it’s probably her. She’s just in way too deep, and she knows it.

What did you think of “The Americans” this week? Are you excited for the finale? I’ve heard mixed reactions to this season so far- have you liked it, or do you think the first season was way better? What do you think will happen on the finale? Will anyone else die? Will Liz and/or Phil be exposed? Will Paige or Henry be endangered? Is Jared doomed? How about Nina? Sound off below and I’ll see you next week!