The 100 Season 1 Review “Unity Day”

There is never a moment of peace for the characters of The 100, is there? Even as the survivors tried to have a moment of peace to celebrate the coming good fortunes, a terrorist attack on the Ark and a visit from the grounders below meant that there was only more misery all around in “Unity Day.” Pretty much business as usual, then.

Down on the ground, there was a bit of a breather before things got too serious, and what says party time better than the return of Jasper’s goggles. My favorite of these early scenes was the brief but friendly conversation between Clarke and Bellamy. Their friendship is satisfying to see because it’s been earned; they’ve gone through hardships together and now have a great deal of respect for one another. Bellamy has become the guy Clarke goes to when she needs back-up.

Honestly, much of these early scenes felt like they were dedicated to showing how the relationships have progressed, from the growing tension between Finn and Raven to reminding us just how far Octavia has come as a character. She’s in a questionable relationship with a grounder, sure, but she’s come a long way from the bratty sister she seemed to be in the pilot. And though it was mainly fluff, I loved to see Jasper get to show a bit of swagger in his scene with Raven.

Of course, things took a turn for the worst in the meeting with the grounder leader, as Jasper found himself unable to overcome his paranoia. Sure, it was fairly predictable that someone was going to fire a shot, but I like that it was built out of anxiety issues Jasper has been dealing with all season. The guy was impaled, after all.

Truthfully, though, the 100 had a much easier Unity Day than Jaha and the survivors on the Ark. This was the storyline that had much more urgency, as Diana put her mutiny into full effect. The explosion was appropriately shocking as dark, going off as a group of children made a presentation. This first scene gave even more tragedy to Kane, as his mother was one of the casualties. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve come around to liking Kane, and much like Octavia, the show has done a great job of showing there are layers to this guy not immediately apparent early on.

All of this tension ultimately built to Diana’s “success” as she managed to steal the escape pod. Everything here led to tragedy though, as Abigail was murdered, the Ark was crippled and the escape pod ultimately crashed and exploded. There are still several episodes left in this season, but it seems likely the 100 will be completely on their own before long. At the very least, it seems unlikely the Ark will be in a position to offer any help for a while.

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