Supernatural Season 9 Review “Stairway to Heaven” – Dean Loses Control

Stairway to Heaven

In this episode of Supernatural, called “Stairway to Heaven,” angels begin killing themselves in the name of Castiel, but the influence of the Mark and the Blade start to make Dean a liability in the resulting investigation.

Well, it didn’t take long. Thanks to the Mark of Cain and the First Blade, Dean went from BAMF to CAMF (crazy-ass mofo). When he was wielding the Blade and his new powers to kill Abaddon, Dean was the powerful guy you did not want to mess with. But the more he has it, the more it is taking control of him – and not in a good way.

In the beginning of the episode, when Dean remarked how he didn’t need sleep and was ready to fight just a couple hours after they arrived at the bunker, I was reminded of Sam in earlier seasons. Soulless Sam, Demon-Blood Drinking Sam – take your pick. It made me realize that this is the first time that we’ve ever really seen Dean this out of control, at least by outside forces. Does that make the things that he did under the Mark’s influence and less vicious? Nope.

It was so great to see Tessa the Reaper again. Well, that is before Dean kind of, sort of, helped her kill herself. Sam did tell him to leave his toy at home and he refused so I was kind of on Sam’s side with that argument. But even if I could argue that Dean didn’t mean for Tessa to die and bringing the Blade was an accident, there was nothing to prepare me for his absolute loss of control at the end of the episode.

Castiel had just lost all of his followers thanks to Metatron’s evil plan, but they had gained a new ally in Gadreel. Team Free Will was about to welcome a new member when Dean totally and completely shocked me by trying to slice Gadreel in two. But that wasn’t even the most frightening part. The most terrifying thing was seeing Dean’s eyes and hearing his growls (growls!) as Sam and Castiel tried to pull him away from the wounded angel. Once again, I couldn’t help but to think of Sam and when they had to tie him up in Bobby’s panic room to get him off the demon blood. I think Dean may have just earned himself some time in the bunker’s dungeon, but I have to wonder if his addiction can be cured cold-turkey like Sam’s was.

So many questions to be answered in next week’s finale, though I’m sure even more will be posed before it’s all over.

My favorite bits:

Little girl angel is killed in an ice cream shop. There are at least 10 things wrong with that.

“Nice reflexes. Better hair.”

Dean informing Sam that Castiel was a weird, dorky little guy.

Sam asking Dean to leave the Blade, with a “please” and everything.

Agents Spears and Aguilera. Ha! I wonder who was whom?

Finding out that Cas was the one who came up with those names. Even better.

Gadreel remarking that he did indeed give Metatron one second before walking in the door.

Metatron begrudgingly admitting that Castiel was cute.

Gadreel’s eyebrow when Metatron claimed he was funny.

“You were the one who told him to lead an army.”
“I didn’t think he would be good at it.”

Gadreel asking Metatron if his big plan involved an overcoat.

“Roll call? You hold roll call?”
“They like to hear me say their names.”
“I knew a few women like that.”

Castiel refusing to sit around and do nothing.

“I hate men like you.”
“Honey, there ain’t no other men like me.” – I know about a half million fangirls who would agree with that statement.

Castiel reassuring Sam that he had the door, and then sadly admitting he didn’t. That’s our nerdy little angel.

Sam discovering that the door opened with a kids’ joke.

“Wait a second. You know about Lord of the Rings?”
“I’m very pop-culture savvy now.”

Ha! Total Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade reference. Way to go, Cas!

“I still remember our meet-cute. You were dying.”
“Good times.”

Tessa throwing herself on the Blade and thanking Dean for it. What the.?

Sam pointing out that if Dean had left the Blade behind, Tessa would still be alive. Ouch. True, but ouch.

Castiel refusing to hurt Dean, even if it meant losing his followers.

Finding out that Metatron had put together the Castiel Bombers. Diabolically brilliant.

“Yeah, I lied, but you were being an infant.”
“Wow. Even for you, that apology sucked.”

Dean reassuring Cas that there was no way he blew those people away.

“You really think we three will be enough?”
“We always have been.”

Literally screaming at my TV when Dean pulled the Blade on Gadreel. I knew there was something weird about Dean offering his left hand for Gadreel to shake.

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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