Revolution Season 2 Review “Memorial Day”

Revolution Season Episode 21 Memorial Day (6)

It’s with a heavy heart that I report, for those who may have missed it, that NBC has not picked Revolution up for a third season. While I’ll have more to say on the series as a whole next week, the news made “Memorial Day” a bit of a frustrating watch, the second-to-last episode of a show that feels like it still had more stories to tell.

Now, my negativity has nothing to do with the episode itself or where things seem to be going; it feels like Revolution is building towards an appropriate ending to the story that’s been building throughout the second season. The problem is that even if next week’s episode ends in a victory for our heroes, the Patriot threat is likely to still exist. The struggle for Willoughby has always felt like it’s playing out on a smaller scale, and the best-case scenario has this season ending with Miles and the others finally uniting California and Texas to fight a war we won’t get to see.

All that said, this was still a great episode on its own merits. We were given a great action scene with the train heist, offering one of the more prolonged shootouts we’ve seen yet. It also helped that this was one of the few fights not draped in the cover of darkness, giving us a clear view of the “fun” Charlie and Miles were having. Of course, they were ultimately betrayed by the leader of the New Vegas survivors, but the bigger twist was that the mustard gas had never left Willoughby in the first place. So, the race is on to return to the town and try to stop the attack.

Rachel discovered the truth about Priscilla in perhaps the most unsettling way possible, stumbling upon her house of horrors, which has only grown more disturbing. Her arrival gave Aaron the inspiration he needed to try and fight back against the nano again, though much like the train heist, it ultimately proved to be the wrong move. It’s not like Rachel had the time or resources to properly study what was going on, but her attempt to shock the nano out of Priscilla seemed foolhardy at best, and pretty much doomed to fail. Still, there was plenty of strong material here as well, from the explanation of the rats and fireflies from earlier in the season to the creepy visual of a woman brushing her own scalp off.

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