Person of Interest Season 3 Review “Deus Ex Machina”

Deus Ex Machina

Last night’s Person of Interest season finale was a mixed bag for me. I found the first half of the episode completely ludicrous. The second half was more interesting and raises a lot of questions about where the series will go from here.

We pick up from last week with Greer, Control, the two politicians, and Finch all being tried before a kangaroo court made up of Vigilance supporters. I just found this whole concept really lame. As Control points out, Vigilance claims to be pro-America and the champion of people’s fundamental rights and yet proceeds to ignore basic rule of law. I understand the motivation of Collier to be revenge because he brother committed suicide. But come on. That’s a pretty thin justification for taking hostages and shooting government officials. The trial looked more like something that would be held before the Queen of Hearts. I don’t know. This scene just didn’t work for me at all. The idea that they would kidnap all these people, have some phony trial seemingly broadcast to the world…it just felt exceptionally far-fetched.

Things get a bit more interesting once Vigilance dissolves the proceedings. It turns out that Decima has been using Vigilance like a puppet in order to create fear in the government. This was also a bit convoluted. Why go through such an elaborate hoax when all Decima would’ve needed to do is keep the machine from giving “relevant” numbers to the government – which would result in a terrorist attack? Rather than let such a natural event occur, Decima stages a terrorist attack and blows up a building in Decima’s name. Considering it is some super evil organization with seemingly endless power, Decima should have been able to come up with something showier.

While all this is going on, we think that Root and Shaw are trying to stop Samaritan. But, no. In the end, Root confesses that Samaritan can’t be stopped and all her efforts were simply to create new aliases so Samaritan wouldn’t be able to identify them as threats. This appears to result in each member of team machine having to scatter to the wind. Here’s what I keep coming back to, though. Finch is a computer genius. He built the machine. Why can’t he work some of his technological magic to bring down Samaritan?

We got very little of Fusco in the finale, but he sure looked like he was having a good time driving around in a huge armored vehicle. I get that it was a crowded episode, but it would’ve been good to have him more in the mix.

So where can they go next season? At this point, Samaritan is omnipotent and omnipresent. Team machine needs to figure out a solution to that problem or else the entire premise of the show is going to disintegrate. One thing is for sure, Greer needs to get what is coming to him. He’s taken the villain role to new heights on the show, which should make his fall that much more spectacular.

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