NCIS Season 11 Finale 2014 Review “Honor Thy Father” – Another Boat is Begun

Honor Thy Father

In the Season 11 finale of NCIS, called “Honor Thy Father,” Gibbs deals with the sudden loss of his father, while the team handles a case that turns dangerous.

I knew this was going to be a hard episode to watch. When a beloved character dies on your favorite show, it hurts. We’ve been through it a number of times on NCIS and it never really gets any easier because you feel like you know them and you know you will miss them. But there is something infinitely worse when you know that the actor who played the character has passed away as well. I started bawling the moment Vance called Gibbs to his office, though the episode had some shocks in store that kept taking my tears away.

Who knew that the case the team picked up would lead back to Rivera? That was a nice twist in an episode I thought would only be heartbreaking. I felt for Gibbs, though. Here he was trying to deal with his dad’s death the best way he knows how – with Vance telling him to stay off the case and not understanding that Gibbs didn’t have children to go home to like Vance did after his wife died. Then the case actually involves the son of the man who murdered Gibbs’ wife and child. Not only that, but Gibbs was also fighting off various assassination attempts thanks to Rivera’s devious plan.

It’s a true testament to the kind of man Gibbs is that he didn’t end up an emotional wreck when all was said and done. Then again, he probably was. It’s not like Gibbs would exactly show it like the rest of us mere mortals would. Every time a memory popped up of his childhood, I felt like it was Gibbs’ way of mourning.

The ending of this episode was beautiful and heart-wrenching: Watching Gibbs surrounded by his friends and accepting the flag from his father’s coffin. But the tears really started to flow when he pulled out that little boat and began drawing new plans. Was he planning to build a replica named the “Jackson”? I guess we’ll find out next season. It might be nice to see Gibbs working on a boat in his basement again. Also, how great was it to find out why he began building them in the first place?

Another wonderful, if achingly heartbreaking, finale.

My favorite bits:

McGee remarking there was enough eye candy in the room to give Tony a cavity. Ha!

“The Snail just became escargot.”

Finding out that Bishop nearly burned down her house trying to make “Crawchiladas.”

Vance calling Gibbs to his office. That’s never good.

Gibbs’ face when he got the news. That’s when the tears began for me.

Everyone sharing memories of Jackson. I loved McGee remarking that he was the only who could give the Gibbs stare to Gibbs and Tony saying Jackson once gave him the sweater off his back. Those are some of my favorite memories of him, too.

Tony wanting to give Gibbs the update. I understood why Vance didn’t want him to do it, but I think Tony was right about Gibbs wanting to know.

Gibbs walking into his father’s shop and picking up his cane

“Two minutes is two years in Abby-time, you know that.”

Ducky and Jimmy sharing a love of Jacques Cousteau.

Finding out that Jimmy and Breena had decided to have multiple kiddos. Aw.

Everyone’s reaction to Tony ignoring Gibbs’ call. Poor Tony. Caught between a rock and a hard place.

Gibbs asking Cal to help him get the store ready to sell. Gibbs is so gonna give that store to Cal.

Abby working her magic to create a new image of their suspect.

Gibbs’ laugh when Cal said Jackson told him the gun wasn’t loaded.

Rivera actually suggesting that Gibbs was too much of a coward to face him. I’m surprised Tony didn’t jump across the table and strangle him. Then again, that’s not really like Tony. That’s just how I felt.

Tony claiming he knew nothing about Gibbs killing Rivera’s father. Best poker-face ever.

Everyone’s surprise when Gibbs walked into the bullpen.

“Don’t tell me where my head is at!”

“He was your father, Gibbs.”
“He was and now he’s dead.”

Gibbs tells Vance the job is what he has.

Gibbs ordering Vance to never tell his team to hold out on him again.

Finding out that any prisoner who escaped was ordered to hunt down and kill Gibbs. Whoa!

Shot and electrocuted. You do NOT mess with Gibbs. Especially in his own place.

Ducky remarking on Gibbs’ unusual style of mourning and that he hoped never to visit Gibb’ basement under a professional manner again.

Gibbs remembering his father telling him that he could always make wood right.

Rivera’s entire demeanor changing when Gibbs mentioned his girlfriend.

McGee informing Rivera that all the remaining leaders of the Brotherhood were dead.

“I love a good bad-guy chin quiver.”

Finding out that the man looking to kill Gibbs was still out there. Oh boy!

Again, you do NOT mess with Gibbs. When will people learn?

Yep. Called it. Loved Gibbs giving Cal the store.

The entire burial scene, especially Abby’s hug.

Gibbs beginning work on a new boat.

The finale goodbye tribute to Ralph Waite. So many tears.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

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