NCIS: LA Season 5 Finale Review “Deep Trouble”

Deep Trouble

NCIS: LA ended its fifth season with Callen and Sam on a submarine headed who knows where and Hetty not in the position of “fairy godmother” to save them. Said submarine is also acting as a torpedo which I was not expecting. I did know, however, that the two guys Callen and Sam handcuffed would free themselves. You don’t just leave them alone and NOT expect an escape! That’s like saying someone is dead when there’s no body- that person always turns up alive.

Everything about “Deep Trouble” (wocka wocka) made for a strong season ender. The plot was engaging but also easy to follow, and while many of the questions were left unanswered, no doubt they will be solved in the fall. We don’t know why Stephen Hill was thrown off the bridge, what group of terrorists are on the submarine, what the connection between them and Michael Wilson (the white supremacist) was, or where the submarine is headed. I could hazard guesses but would rather watch the next installment with no preconceptions. This includes Hetty’s dealings in Washington DC. My one hope for that is the reappearance of Kensi’s ex-fiancée, Jack aka the White Ghost.

If I had one quibble it was with the Deeks/Kensi/Talia triangle. It mostly worked because of the strength of the actors, but I also found myself sighing at Kensi and Talia’s one-upmanship at impressing Deeks. The witty zingers thrown at each other are one thing; Kensi letting down her hair and Talia showing of her boobs is another. That just falls into a cliché I am not fond of. Please don’t let that continue into the premiere. Kensi and Deeks are fine just the way they are.

Next time, Season 6!

More observations
– Callen was on fire tonight in every aspect. His tackling of Martinez totally caught me off guard and then calling Eric & the Nell the Wonder Twins was brilliant. He and Sam also had the great scene about who would be in a gang.

– Poor Sam being stuck on that submarine hating confined spaces. And Sam, we’re all afraid of diarrhea. All of us.

– Deeks clarifying to Kensi that he and Talia teamed up/partnered up, not hooked up. That was funny.

– What are Hetty’s instructions to Nell should she not call her?

– “Who takes a bus to a suicide?” Callen

– “A hand grenade?” Sam
“You told them to throw down their weapons.” Callen (cheeky cheeky!)

– “She’s beautiful.” Kensi
“You’re beautiful.” Deeks (Aww)