Legit Season 2 Finale 2014 “Sober/Honesty”

Legit season 2 episode 12 & 13 Sober/Honesty (3)

Legit season 2 episode 12 & 13 “Sober/Honesty” airs Wednesday, May 14 2014 at 10:00 pm on FXX. Season Finale.

Episode Synopsis: Legit season 2 episode 12 & 13 “Sober/Honesty” – Jim stops drinking in solidarity with Steve and starts to suffer from panic attacks. Through a misunderstanding, Jim ends up at a married ex-girlfriend’s house for a costume party; Jim deals with the fall out of being shot by a heckler and considers quitting comedy. Billy goes to a video game tournament.

Show Summary: In the new FX original comedy series, Legit, Jim Jefferies stars as an edgy, foul-mouthed, stand-up comedian from Australia, in his mid-30s and living in LA, struggling to make his life and career more “legit,” only to find it a difficult, uncomfortable uphill struggle every step of the way.

Jim is encouraged in his quest by his neurotic best friend and roommate, Steve, a cyberlaw library salesman who struggles to stay on his feet in the wake of a divorce, and Steve’s brother, Billy, who suffers from advanced staged Muscular Dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair. Legit stars Jim Jefferies as ‘Jim,’ Dan Bakkedahl as ‘Steve’ and DJ Qualls as ‘Billy.’

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