Exclusive ‘Arrow’ Season 2 Interview: Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim Talks Game Changing Finale, A New Chapter For The Series And More

Arrow season two is coming to a conclusion tonight, Wednesday, May 14th at 8/9c on The CW with an explosive episode that will change the course of the series. Recently, executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked with TV Equals about what fans can expect in the finale, how it sets up season three and much more (including a small Oliver/Felicity teaser). Read on to get all of the scoop before tuning into the finale.

TV Equals: Last week’s episode was so huge, was there any budget left for the finale?

Marc Guggenheim: I was actually really worried about that. We definitely went really big in the penultimate episode. We did save some money left over to throw towards the finale and honestly, I think it is bigger than last year’s and it is bigger than episode 22 for sure. One of the things people have come to expect from our finales is that we really blow the doors off of the show and we always try to reach a new level of production value and I definitely think we succeeded on that score with the season finale.

TV Equals: With the battle between Slade and Oliver coming to a head, can you talk about what we can expect from them as we head into the finale?

Marc Guggenheim: We are really ending the season as we planned. The goal with the finale was to bring all of the various storylines to a close and these are storylines that we have literally been seeding since the season premiere of season two. The choices we have made throughout the season were all leading up to this final episode.

I will say we had some surprises along the way, but for the most part the season finale is the season finale we pitched to the studio and network almost a year ago.

TV Equals: If Oliver decides to kill Slade rather than cure him, what kind of impact will that decision have on season three?

Marc Guggenheim: Let me say this, the season finale definitely provides a definitive end to the story of the season and it is a definitive end to the Slade/Oliver story. Which is not to say there are not threads we won’t decide to pick up in season three, but I really think that the season finale is not just a conclusion to season two, but it really feels like the conclusion to seasons one and two.

The landscape we start out season three in feels very different. Obviously, it’s still the same show, but it feels like we are now starting a new chapter or a new book in our series of books than it did necessarily when we were at the beginning of season two.

TV Equals: There was a cliffhanger last week with the fate of John Barrowman’s Malcolm left in question after Thea shot him. Are you really going to kill Barrowman off for good?

Marc Guggenheim: Malcolm just can’t seem to die can he? I saw online someone saying “you only showed us Thea pulling the trigger, you didn’t show us Malcolm getting shot.” The one thing I will say very definitively is she did shoot him, and she shot him not just once, but twice.

We love John— I would watch the finale.

TV Equals: I asked the Twittersphere what question they wanted answered the most and they all wanted Felicity/Oliver teasers. Can you tell us anything?

Marc Guggenheim: The finale definitely contains the biggest Oliver/Felicity moments we have ever had on the show.

TV Equals: Laurel has been a divisive character amongst the fan base, but she seems to be coming into her own now that she knows about Oliver and Sara’s identities. Do you have an idea for what is in store for her next year?

Marc Guggenheim: We have a very clear idea, and I think the finale shows our hand in terms of what our plans for Laurel are. The people who are fans of Laurel, I think they should check out the finale because just as we have a lot of big Felicity moments there are a lot of big Laurel moments– one key one in particular that I think they will be interested in.

TV Equals: With The Flash officially picked up, are you hoping to crossover the two series next season?

Marc Guggenheim: We haven’t started really having intense conversations about it, but that would be the hope and part of the fun of having another show set in the same universe. The how and the when is something we still have to figure out.

TV Equals: Which DC characters are on your dream list to show up in Starling City?

Marc Guggenheim: I don’t want to get in trouble by listing them, but we have already started our work on season three and we have already started our conversation with DC about the characters we would like to see on the show. I’m really excited. I think there are some characters that we are talking about for season three who have been on my list for quite some time.

TV Equals: Stephen Amell recently said online he would like to see his cousin Robbie Amell play Batman. How do you feel about that?

Marc Guggenheim: It’s funny, I love Robbie. He is a terrific actor and ever since The Tomorrow People was cancelled, I’ve been like how do we get Robbie on the show? The decision about any Batman characters gets made way above my head. My suspicion is with Gotham and Batman vs. Superman you are not going to see Bruce Wayne show up on Arrow anytime soon.

I do think Robbie is a tremendous talent, and we would love to see him on the show in some capacity.

TV Equals: In your own words, why is the Arrow season finale must see TV?

Marc Guggenheim: If you are someone who has never seen an episode of Arrow, I think you could still come in and enjoy the episode immensely. It really is like one, little mini-movie. If you haven’t seen the previous 45 episodes, that will not impact your enjoyment of it.

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