Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “Demons”


Criminal Minds concluded its ninth season tonight with “Demons”, as we pick up directly from last week’s cliffhanger and quickly see what happens to the two agents that got shot last week.

It turns out that Morgan’s shot was just a red herring, as he quickly pops back up and continues to pursue Preacher Mills. In fact it was a little funny that he happened to get shot again, and this time it was serious enough to put him in the hospital. Why have the first shot be a fake if you’re going to give him a real shot a few seconds later? Anyway, Reid’s wound was a little more serious, but they quickly let us know that he won’t succumb to his injury. However, that doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods quite yet!

I really loved the overarching feeling of tension to this episode. All of the dirty cops in the police station and the hospital forced all of the team members to pursue the case under the radar, not wanting to tip their hand to the corrupt officers. There didn’t have to be car chases or gun fights in order for there to be excitement. You can still tell an exciting and suspenseful story without having to resort to those kinds of scenes, and although those scenes did come later, it was great to see them go without for so long.

With that being said, I was a little bummed that we didn’t get to see Blake and Rossi get out of that sticky situation with the two dirty cops. We don’t get to see those two in a lot of action scenes, and all of the suspense had built up to that scene very nicely, so a little bit of payoff would have been appreciated.

There was a lot of other solid action scenes tonight, though, with the highlight being Garcia shooting the evil nurse to save Reid’s life. Again, it would have been nice to actually see this scene play out, and see Garcia’s immediate reaction to shooting the guy, but it was still pretty cool. The shootout scene at the junkyard was pretty great, although I couldn’t help but feel like MacGregor’s death was a bit anticlimactic. He just…got shot after fighting Hotch. That’s it. I think I actually liked all of the earlier scenes of the episode better, where the team was sneaking around and not actually shooting anybody yet. I realize that they can’t have an entire episode of sneaking around, but the payoff needs to be a bit more satisfying than what we got tonight.

So it looks like my prediction from last week was correct, and that Jeanne Tripplehorn’s Alex Blake will be leaving the team after only two seasons. While I’m glad that we’re losing her as opposed to anybody else on the show, since I really don’t care about her character whatsoever, I really don’t buy her reasons for leaving. Seeing Reid shot reminded her of her young son dying, so she just…left. That’s all that she needed? She’s seen tons of dead bodies, young people included, and she’s even seen her teammates injured before, so why the sudden feelings for your son? Then she just sends her resignation to Hotch through text?! You didn’t even look him in the eye? Or say goodbye to your friends and colleagues after being with them for two years?! I honestly would have rather seen them kill off Blake then have her go out like this. Maybe she could have sacrificed her life to save Reid, or have gone out in a more meaningful fashion. It’s possible that she wanted to keep her options open, and maybe they could bring her back for future episodes, but now I really don’t ever want to see her again. If you flake out on the team like that, I don’t think you deserve to come back.

What did you think of the season? Are you glad Blake is gone? Who should replace her? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else find the on-screen ad for the new CBS show “Reckless” to be a little distracting? There was a big red flash before it came up that totally distracted me from the episode.

– CBS announced today that Criminal Minds is one of the rare shows that will be sticking to its old time slot, so get used to the show staying on Wednesday nights at 9!

– Do you think they need to hire another girl to fill Blake’s spot? If so, anybody who got killed off in Game of Thrones is my pick.