Awkward Season 4 Review “Overnight”


Some high school shows crash and burn as soon as they allow their characters to graduate but, judging from the latest episode of Awkward, ‘Overnight’, that won’t be the case for Jenna, Tamara and co. This episode, one set entirely away from those high school halls (or even Jenna’s bedroom), was one of the strongest of the season so far and, by separating Jenna and Tamara from the rest of the cast, it managed to illustrate what the future of the show might look like.

The Jenna/Colin fling touched upon it last year, but the prospect of college highlight’s Jenna’s displacement in her own life even more. She’s an old soul, despite the typical teenage mistakes she makes on a weekly basis, and spending her time with smart, sexy college boys and reading books is probably her idea of heaven. No more uncertainty with Matty and no more dealing with mean girls like Sadie – she would be among her own people, and dealing with a whole new set of problems.

Back home, all us Sadie/Matty fans finally got some resolution to their ongoing sexual tension (imaginary or not) and, not entirely disappointingly, the pair of them decided that they’re more siblings than lovers. It doesn’t even matter – that scene was absolutely adorable and well worth the wait. The big worry now is the Eva apparently has it out for Sadie and has photographic evidence that something happened between them. What does she intend to do with the picture? Will this mean for drama for Matty and Jenna?

The best shows realize that their current status quo is temporary, and Awkward has proven this week that there’s plenty of life in it after high school ends and the kids go their separate ways. Based on this, I almost want them to just do a Glee-style time-jump and skip straight to the good stuff, but then I guess there’s still plenty of boy drama to deal with at home before everyone can venture out.

What did you think of the episode? Do you care what Eva is up to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.