TV Buzz: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 First Look, ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 2 Posters Revealed and More

Even with all of the upfronts news rolling in, we still have plenty to share with you for this Tuesday’s TV Buzz. The highlight is of course a first look at The Walking Dead‘s fifth season, but that is not to knock the awesome women of Orange is the New Black who are all front and center in a series of new posters or the latest bit of weirdness BBC America offers up to tease summer series The Intruders. See all that and more below.

Rick is Alive and Slightly Bloody in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 First Look Photo

The last we saw of Rick and friends they were being forced into a creepy boxcar by yet another band of crazy people. In our first look at season five, we get Rick peeking out of a doorway which could very well be the boxcar. Is he checking to see if now is a good time to attempt an escape or has he already fled? Share your theories below.

The Walking Dead season five premieres Fall 2014 on AMC.

The Women of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Are Back in Season 2 Posters

The season two premiere of Orange is the New Black is just a few weeks away (season two will be available exclusively June 6th on Netflix ), and in preparation Netflix has released a batch of killer posters. We have Piper preparing for a fight, Pennsatucky still playing the angel card, Sophia getting creative with her styling techniques and Alex still front and center (much to Piper’s dismay, I’m sure). See all of the posters in the gallery below.

BBC America’s ‘Intruders’ Gets Even Spookier

“Don’t Let Them In.”

Hmm…that is good advice for most intruders, but I suspect it goes double for sci-fi/supernatural ones. The latest teaser for The Intruders is vague with no real footage of the series (unless that rock is a space rock– intrigue!), but it is spooky thanks to the use of old school music. The series is looking increasingly like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but as long as John Simm is involved, I am cool with that.

The Intruders airs Summer 2014 on BBC America.

“CTRL the Future” in New ‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Teaser

Get ready to hum “Sweet Dreams” for the rest of the day. The ’80s are back in full force in the Halt and Catch Fire trailer which feels like the computer movie John Hughes never made. I am a bit worried about the dialogue though. “Computers are not the thing, they are the thing that gets us to the thing.” Lee Pace, you are lucky you are so talented otherwise that sentence would have made even less sense.

What is the thing? Money? Power? Netflix? Eh, we will find out when we get there, I suppose. In the meantime, Pace has almost no buttons buttoned in one scene if you pay attention. (I know, I need to sort out my priorities.)

Halt and Catch Fire premieres Sunday June 1st at 10/9c on AMC.

Nothing is Black and White on ‘Graceland’

Graceland had an amazing first season, and Wednesday, June 11th, the hit series returns to USA. In the sleek new poster, the network plays on the duality of Mike and Briggs. The two men share so much common ground, but the truth is a gray area for Briggs, while Mike is far more by the book. These two guys seem destined to go head to head this season, but I cannot help but hope they find a way to make peace with one another.

The Skitters Release Propaganda Film in Time for ‘Falling Skies’ Season Four Premiere

Hey kids, would you like to spend the summer at Camp Espheni frolicking with Skitters? They never strap you down and use you as tiny minions to further their plans to take over the world or anything. They do enjoy a good potato sack race though.

Falling Skies season two premieres Sunday, June 22nd at 10/9c on TNT. Sign your kids up for camp now, parents! (Just maybe not this one.)


Answer this Tuesday’s TV Buzz burning question of what “the thing” is (no “that’s what she said” jokes, please, I’ve already made them all in my head) and win…well, nothing but a compliment from me. But that’s a thing, right? Is it? Maybe I don’t understand how to use the word either. Never mind, let’s all go stare at Lee Pace some more.

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