‘Star-Crossed’ (Season 1): The Premature End of Another Sci-Fi Drama

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The cliffhanger!

That damn plot device used in fiction that always finds a main character (or characters) in a perilous situation that could have catastrophic results. This plot device is used far too often in television, leaving the viewer wondering for months what will become of their favorite characters.

When a new drama ends in a cliffhanger, it just adds an extra layer of mystery to the show; hopefully bringing the fans back for the show’s second season. But when that new drama has a cliffhanger ending but the show does not get a renewal order from their respective network, well, it makes for a very unpleasant experience for the viewers. They are left with so many questions, wondering what happened to all of the characters and what could have been. Such is the case with Star-Crossed, the new sci-fi series on The CW that ended with a cliffhanger last night but was cancelled by the network last week.

There were so many dangling storylines in the final episode entitled “Passion Lends Them Power”. Let’s take a look at just some of the bigger moments in the swan song of ‘Star-Crossed’:

• Roman (series lead Matt Lanter) was stabbed by his uncle Castor (recurring guest star Johnathon Schaech), making it out of the Atrian sector all the way to Emery’s (series lead Aimee Teegarden) shed [the place where they met as children];

RESOLUTION: After discovery Roman bleeding out inside the shed, Emery gets into the sector to retrieve the life-saving Cypher with the help of an unlikely source: Teri (series regular Chelsea Gilligan), who provides her blood to allow the Cypher to heal Roman.

• Gloria (recurring guest star Victoria Platt) learns that Taylor (series regular Natalie Hall) is pregnant by seeing an herb inside Taylor’s purse that was given to Taylor by Drake (the baby daddy);

RESOLUTION: Gloria takes Taylor to Edendale Springs, a new, nearing completed, housing community for the Atrians and mixed-species families; a place where Taylor, Drake and their child could possibly find themselves in the future.

• Vega (recurring guest star Merle Dandridge) and the Trags, the Atrian terrorist group, want the Suvek device to go off at the Mardi Gras parade regardless of how many Humans will be hurt in the process;

RESOLUTION: Teri, Vega’s daughter, turned them into Gloria and the sector police, which of course angered her mother, who warns both she and Gloria that Teri’s father – who supposedly never left Atria – will not be happy to learn what their child did and who will be gunning for Gloria.

• Zoe is actually alive – it was believed she perished in the shed explosion when Roman, Emery and Drake (series regular Greg Finley) destroyed the Black Cypher – and she not only stole the Mardi Gras float made by the Atrians and Humans but also the Suvek weapon that was hidden inside;

RESOLUTION: The Atrians (Sophia (series regular Brina Palencia), Drake and Roman) and the Humans (Emery, Julia (series regular Malese Jow), Lukas (series regular Titus Makin Jr.), Grayson (Grey Damon) and Eric (recurring guest star Jesse Luken) catch up with Zoe and her hidden-among-the-Humans Atrian thugs; but a shoot-out happens on the roof of one of the buildings on the Mardi Gras parade route.

BIG CLIFFHANGER MOMENTS: Despite Roman being able to remove the key used to activate the Suvek, Zoe has a back-up remote that sets the machine off. In the aftermath of the Suvek device being activated, Taylor’s car flips over, trapping her inside a burning vehicle, Grayson ends up shot by Zoe; Drake stabs Zoe and the shockwave from the Suvek device knocks out (possibly killing?) all of the Humans in the area (including Emery, Eric and Julia) and then setting off this huge beam that is picked up by a league of Atrian warships on the outskirts of Earth’s atmosphere.

What becomes of all of the characters on ‘Star-Crossed’ and what could have been will undoubtedly be argued and pondered by countless fans. Plenty of fan fiction will assuredly also be written continuing the saga. But, in the end, this kind of open-ended closure leaves nothing but a bad taste in the mouth of everyone who watched the show; all because of that damn cliffhanger ending.