The Originals Season 1 Review “From a Cradle to a Grave”

From a Cradle to a Grave

On the season finale of “The Originals,” it was baby time, and nothing was going to stop this little one from entering the world- but more than a few people were looking to stop it once it did, in the aptly-titled “From a Cradle to a Grave.” So, naturally, they killed the baby off. Just kidding. This ain’t “American Horror Story.” Nope, they went with the dead baby fake-out gambit, in which the Originals led the witches to believe the baby had died in order to sneak it out of town and out of their clutches.

Of course, this is a fairly standard fairy tale and mythological trope, with the baby traditionally growing up to be a great warrior that helps save everyone’s bacon on down the line, but I admittedly didn’t see it coming here. Despite my joke, it’s not like I thought they would actually kill a baby, but at the same time, I wasn’t exactly sure where they were headed with it, either. In retrospect, that choice makes perfect sense, as does the big reveal that the ancestral witch that we’ve constantly heard about making demands for one thing or another turned out to be none other than Esther, aka the mother of The Originals themselves. Oh, the irony!

As if having an angry daddy on the prowl wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve got big bad mama to worry about. Talk about a dysfunctional family to end all families. The irony is, the show ended with most everyone concerned as close as they’ve ever been. Klaus forgave Marcel and even entrusted Rebekah with his baby, and asked Cami to keep her distance, lest she get caught up in any more of this insanity. Hell, he even cried not once- but twice! Oh Klaus, you big softie. (On a side note, every girl I know with a crush on him no doubt turned into puddles by the end of this thing.)

I was, on the other hand, not at all pleased when they took out Hayley, until, of course, they brought her back. That was a lovely symmetry having her baby be the one that ultimately saved her life. Granted, the whole drinking her baby’s blood was a bit on the icky side, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess. Better that than kill her off, I suppose. The question is, does that make her more or less Klaus’ equal now?

I mean, in terms of strength, obviously- we already knew she was the show’s moral compass, along with Cami. But this development means she’s both werewolf and vampire now, right? Granted, Klaus has a witch on his mother’s side, but clearly has none of her power or he would have done better in the fight against them. So, having Hayley be both levels that playing field, if I’m not mistaken, which also means she’ll be even more of a bad-ass than she already was, which is saying something. (How about that bitch-slap she gave Genevieve? Epic.)

There were more than a few casualties, as well. Thankfully, we at long last got rid of witch bitch Monique, who got taken out by Marcel with a Chinese Star thingee, plus blonde witch who didn’t say or do much- Abigail, was it? She got speared by Klaus in short order. However, the most brutal death by far was Genevieve, who I used to like until she went off the reservation and agreed to kill a baby. Hayley stabbed and eviscerated her something fierce, albeit not before finding out about Esther. Ouch! Also biting the bullet was Diego, courtesy of Mikael; and, of course, all those vampires Elijah and the werewolves made mincemeat out of last week. RIP, faceless vamps, we hardly knew ye.

So, this was pretty much everything you wanted in a season finale for a show of this ilk: some major deaths, lots of action, some plot twists and general surprises, plus a nicely-rendered cliff-hanger to keep you sated until next season. I especially liked that Davina learned from her past mistakes and pulled a fast one on Mikael, who it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out was up to no good. She may have still brought him back, which is questionable, but she did it on her own terms, which shows she’s not as dopey as I worried she might be in doing so in the first place.

What did you think of the season finale of “The Originals”? Were you satisfied with the outcome? Did it pan out the way you thought it would, or were you surprised by some of the twists? Did you predict that Esther would be coming back, and/or that she was the big witch in charge everyone kept alluding to? Were you happy to see anyone get taken out in particular, or sad to see them go? Do you think the witches will buy the baby being dead, or will they figure it out, what with all the previous instances of that happening in fairy tales and the like? Who will be the more formidable foe: Mikael or Esther? Will they end up at each other’s throats, too? Sound off below in the comments section, and hope to see you next season!