‘Castle’ (Season 6): A Comedy of Errors on the Way to the Altar

Castle Season 6 Finale

Last week’s episode of the long-running ABC drama Castle found Detective Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic) finally taking down Senator William Bracken (recurring guest star Jack Coleman) – the man who was ultimately responsible for her mother’s death.

With that long-overdue-arrest as well as all of the years of grief and turmoil behind her, Kate had a huge weight lifted off her shoulders, allowing her to focus on the future; and more specifically her marriage to mystery novelist Richard Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion).

But just as they set out – three days before their big day – to get their marriage license, it is revealed that Kate is actually married – much to her dismay. It would seem that “Kit Kat” and her college boyfriend Rogan O’Leary (guest star Eddie McClintock) paid a drunken visit to a Las Vegas drive-thru chapel 15 years ago and that marriage is still very much valid.

This obstacle, of course, puts all of their carefully laid plans for their wedding in jeopardy until Kate decides to make the drive up North to track down her wayward “husband” in order to get his signature on the divorce papers that will allow her to marry Rick.

But all carefully laid plans can go awry and that certainly was the case in last night’s season finale of ‘Castle’ aptly entitled “For Better or Worse”. Kate is able to track down Rogan, but before he will sign the divorce decree, he asks for a favor. A favor for which Kate doesn’t want to provide, but she does so in order to get back to Rick. Unfortunately, it would appear that Rogan entangled himself in a much bigger scam than expected when he is kidnapped because of pictures on – of all things – a cell phone owned by a local stripper that includes proof that a mob hit man, who is wanted by the FBI for the grizzly murders of a dozen or so people, has been secretly living in his small town.

It also didn’t help that their wedding venue was ruined, making it necessary for them to find an alternate location at the last minute; and that a pipe burst in the apartment above Kate’s apartment, destroying her wedding dress. Thankfully, Alexis (series regular Molly Quinn) and Martha (series regular Susan Sullivan) were able to transfer the venue to Rick’s home in the Hamptons and Lanie (series regular Tamala Jones) got Kate’s mother’s wedding dress from Kate’s dad.

But just as Kate and Rick finally get back to the Hamptons with legal wedding license in hand, Rick calls from the car – 20 minutes from the house in the Hamptons – saying he is on the way. An hour later, however, Kate gets that fateful call that [SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t watched the finale yet!!] Rick’s car is in an embankment fully engulfed in flames.

What had been a comedy of errors getting their marriage license, turned into a fateful accident that will leave Kate and the rest of the cast of characters on ‘Castle’ in mourning; but given the fact the show is called ‘Castle’, I would hazard that it is a safe bet there is more than meets the eye behind this accident. Sadly, though, fans will have to wait until this fall to find out what really happened.

Thankfully, the TV Gods have shined down on the viewers by giving ‘Castle’ a renewal order for a seventh season. The fan favorite series will be back on Monday nights at 10 PM on ABC sometime this fall.

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