Bones Season 9 Review “The Drama in the Queen” – Sweets Gets His Own Case

Bones Season 9 Episode 23 The Drama in the Queen (7)

In this episode of Bones, called “The Drama in the Queen,” Booth lets Sweets run a case of his own, but a new intern might turn out to be too distracting to let him get his work done.

I know that as a Sweets fan, anything I saw about any girl he’s with is going to sound like some sort of strange form of jealousy. But first of all, I’m not like that with my TV boyfriends. I actually like them to be happy. And second of all, I disliked Warren the first time she opened her mouth and that hatred only grew the more she was on screen.

Before her appearance, I was quite excited by the premise of this episode. Sweets got his own case to run while Booth was busy prepping for the Senate subcommittee. It wasn’t just any old case either, they found out their victim was a drag queen, which led them to a drag bar and a bunch of fun and interesting characters. Perfect episode, right?

But then she came along and ruined it all. She was rude and condescending and absolutely disrespectful to everyone on the team. I can almost forgive Brennan for not firing her outright. Brennan isn’t exactly the poster child for social graces and as long as someone does their job, she’s able to look past a lot. I couldn’t forgive Cam though, for not drop-kicking the new little interloper the first time she back-talked or the fourth time she was caught talking about her sex life on the job.

What in the world Sweets was supposed to see in her I’ll never know. It took me a while to warm up to Daisy as she too was very grating on the nerves when she first appeared. But this new chick is like Daisy times a thousand. Daisy was annoying but I never found her outright rude. I am almost happy that next week’s episode is the finale and, judging by the preview, is going to ridiculously intense. I have my fingers crossed that over the summer they’ll decide to drop this new character and we’ll never see her again.

My favorite bits:

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”
“Because I didn’t want to take that big, beautiful brain of yours.”

Brennan reassuring Booth that she would let him know if Sweets was incompetent.

Brennan totally not getting Hodgins’ “rodeo” joke.

Sweets laying down the law about booties.

I’m with Cam. Sweets does indeed look dashing in his booties.

Hodgins turning “Brennan” into a verb. Nice.

Warren telling Sweets to “listen up, dude.” What?

“I wouldn’t try to shrink the shrink, Warren.”

Finding Warren’s use of the word “dude” beyond annoying.

Booth advising Sweets to take Brennan with him so she could do her “bone-y” thing.

Brennan freely admitting that she’s had sex with friends and coworkers in the past.

Cam discovering that Warren used a technique to strip the bones she didn’t know would work. Oh, boy.

Sweets barging in on Booth studying.

Warren snidely remarking that there was a lot of red tape in the lab. Seriously, can I smack her now?

“I should have seen these.”
“Yes, perhaps your vibe is broken.” – Haha! I heart Brennan so hard right now.

Booth getting manhandled by the drag queen.

“You know, G-man, I could make you look fabulous.” – Now that, I would pay good money to see.

Brennan pointing out that wearing a dress was an expression, like Booth wearing his wacky socks. So true!

“I think you look very pretty in your dress, but I prefer pants.”

“Two words, okay? ‘Uh’ and ‘Uh.'”

“New rule: The next person I find discussing their sex life instead of the case cleans my autopsy room.”

Yay! Another Hodgins experiment. It’s been way too long.

Hodgins trying to claim that Angela was too busy to run his experiment on her computer.

Hodgins in his scuba gear.

Sweets and Warren. So. Much. Ew.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? Sound off in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!