Star-Crossed Season 1 Review “Passion Lends The Powers”

What Storm Is This That Blows So

A week shy of airing its season one finale, Star-Crossed has been canceled. The CW has axed the show due to low ratings. The series will finish out its last episode on air tonight (May 12) with the finale entitled “Passion Lends the Powers.” On to the highlights of the night.

When we see Roman again he is bleeding out on the floor of Emery’s shed after being stabbed by Castor. Emery takes a chance and enters the sector to try and find cyper. Luckily, Teri is there and tells Emery that Roman is also in need of Atrian blood. While Teri can’t seem to pick a side and has constantly been torn this season, she still has a weakness for Roman. It’s an uncomfortable situation for Teri and Emery, but Teri gives the couple the space they need after she saves his life.

Roman spots who he thinks is his father at Mardi Gras. It’s a man with special powers who draws Roman to him with details of the Trags and their bombing plans. The man also introduces Roman to his half brother, the boy that was seen earlier in the season who was taken away on a boat to safety by his mother Gloria. Roman doesn’t seem to be angry this time around when he is given the news. When Gloria first shared that she had a special relationship with Roman’s father, he seemed to be in denial. It looks like even Roman has grown this season.

Grayson gives himself up for Emery when hidden Atrians threaten her life. He is still in love with her and it shows when he is willing to risk his life for her as she is pressed against a wall with a knife to her neck. He makes it a point to explain to her that she doesn’t always come first with Roman, but with him, she’s number one. The scene makes you feel for the guy who seems to have no-one else.

Zoe threatens to kill Taylor and Drake’s unborn baby if he doesn’t call his friends off of trying to locate the suvek. Taylor gets away and warns the others that Zoe has a vacuum looking machine and she’s ready to wipe the humans off the face of the earth. It’s a serious, but laughable moment with the mom-to-be who finally realizes who Zoe truly is. Moments later a scene involving Drake flexing his muscles with one of Zoe’s associates moves the show back to a more serious tone as the gang comes up with a last minute plan to try and shut down the suvek.

In the end we discover that the suvek isn’t a bomb, but a signal to a fleet of enemy space crafts trying to locate earth. It looks like Vega’s threats of her husband’s arrival was in fact true. The shocking scene also features Grayson getting shot in the chest. The signal also has a profound effect on those around it, Emery included. But whether or not they all have perished will remain unknown. The series bowed with lots of questions unanswered in a cancellation that show runners seem to have been unprepared for.

What did you think ‘Star-Crossed’ fans? Did the series deserve another season?