‘Revenge’ (Season 3): Finally Getting the Ultimate Revenge

Revenge Season 3 Episode 22 Execution (16)

Since Amanda Clarke (nee Emily Thorne) [series lead Emily VanCamp] left that juvenile detention center that had housed her since her late father’s arrest for the downing of that fated airplane and after meeting up with Nolan Ross [series regular Gabriel Mann] where she learned the truth about her father and just how rich she actually was, Amanda/Emily has had one goal in mind: to bring down the very people who set up her father.

Last night on the third season finale of Revenge, Amanda/Emily finally seemed to get the ultimate revenge. Conrad and Victoria Grayson [series regulars Henry Czerny and Madeleine Stowe] were taken down in “grand” style, but with one tremendously HUGE reveal [SPOILER ALERT: be forewarned if you haven’t watched the season finale yet!!!]:

DAVID CLARKE (recurring guest star James Tupper) IS ALIVE!!!!!

If you’re like me, a viewer who has stuck with the show since the beginning (despite the pitfalls that have befallen the show over the course of the past two seasons), you were screaming at the TV saying, “How is he alive?!!!”


Granted this is the world of ‘Revenge’ and if Victoria could fake her death at the end of season one, then it stands to reason that David Clarke could have kept the fact that he isn’t really dead hidden all these years in order to exact his own revenge on the Graysons. But one big question remains: Why didn’t he tell Amanda/Emily he was alive?

Honestly, Amanda/Emily has been hell-bent on ruining all of those people who had even the remotest involvement with what happened to her father (as well as to herself), but will she ever learn the truth that her dad is alive?!

As Amanda/Emily smugly walked down the hallway of that mental institution where she was able to trap Victoria inside, does she know anything at all about her father? What about Jack’s (series regular Nick Wechsler) troubles with the law because of what Charlotte (series regular Christa B. Allen) remembered from her abduction? And, does she know anything at all about Nolan’s involvement with Margaux’s (new series regular Karine Vanasse) younger brother Gideon’s (guest star Daniel Zovatto) plan, entrapping Daniel (series regular Josh Bowman) in that compromising, fatal position?

She may have finally gotten the ultimate revenge she has been driving toward for years, but it has cost Aiden (series regular Barry Sloane) his life; Nolan his soul and, quite possibly, Jack his freedom.

And from what I understand when ‘Revenge’ returns for its fourth season – yes, it was recently renewed by ABC for another season – there will be a role reversal with Victoria gunning for Amanda/Emily; and how that will work out, well, that will be anyone’s guess.